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(Gu Lingshas Return (3)

This feeling was rather magical.

At that moment, many people only felt like the term “match-made in heaven” resonated strongly from Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye.

Her clothing was loose. Her frail body was concealed underneath the black windbreaker, making her looked even thinner, but those with sharp eyes could observe the baby bump that was vaguely revealed underneath, and they knew.

Looking at the hands that hid underneath her sleeves, the dazzling luminosity that flickered between her fingers was enough to make one admire and be surprised. With the calm gentleness in between her brows and that faint smile on her face, she could intoxicate a person.

She was a simple and low-profiled beauty. Her elegant aura was just like that legendary Master Mu’s. It was no wonder they were husband and wife!

The crowd could not help but gasp in admiration. Even Wang Qin was surprised.

Xi Xiaye, of course, would not know what was running through everyone’s minds right this second. She just thought that she had attended by invitation. Since it was Wang Qin’s birthday banquet, she cleaned up a little and made sure she looked appropriate. After all, she could not steal someone else’s limelight either. Besides, she was pregnant now, so she would not go out of her way to create an impression.

Before Xi Xiaye could go closer, Wang Qin already smiled and walked up to her. She said with a smile as she held both of Xi Xiaye’s hands, “So, it’s Missus Mu, the famed Director Xi of Glory World. Thank you for coming!”

Xi Xiaye very quickly halted as her light-colored lips curled up, slightly revealing a faint arc. She magnanimously gave Wang Qin a hug and greeted clearly, “Happy birthday, Missus Qi! Sorry, I’m a little late.”

“No worries, I wonder if Chairman Mu…”

“Mr. Mu is still abroad for work. He had me come specially to wish you happy birthday. With the sincere partnership with VP Qi Lei of your company, our South River project has kicked off quite well. All the tasks have been carried out and the project is right on track too. I would like to thank Master Qi on behalf of Mr. Mu and Glory World Corporation, and your company’s cooperation. I hope that we’ll be able to have more great partnerships with Master Qi and your company.”

Xi Xiaye was unambiguous. She immediately started with some words that hinted at things and considered herself having fulfilled Qi Lei’s request.

Indeed, when Wang Qin heard her, a smile instantly flashed on her face. “Thank you, Chairman Mu and Missus Mu, for your company’s praises. This is indeed my Xiao Lei’s honor.”

“Madam Qi, you don’t have to be so humble. Mr. Mu and I admire Master Qi very much. To be able to get Master Qi’s full support for our project is Glory World’s honor. Mr. Mu hopes that this relationship will remain until the project ends for the government to inspect and receive. I think that CEO Qi and Missus Qi should agree to it as well, shouldn’t you?”

As Xi Xiaye spoke gently and gracefully, the light in her twinkling eyes calmly glanced at Qi Qiming who stood beside Wang Qin.

When he heard the question, Qi Qiming’s expression changed and he looked at Wang Qin. It was obvious that his eyes were filled with gloominess. He then eased as his sharp eyes that were full of depth met with Xi Xiaye’s gaze that was as clear as water. He nodded and his lukewarm voice was heard. “Of course, for Chairman Mu and Missus Mu to acknowledge his work is his honor.”

No emotion could be heard from his tone. While he spoke, Xi Xiaye took the chance to examine Qi Qiming for a bit. After she carefully pondered it, she then realized that this person could be considered quite profound, so she decided to be a little more vigilant.

Qi Feng was still nowhere in sight. In regard to the car accident years ago, Qi Qiming would not just play it down and let it go, would he?

If he did, then that could only prove that he had extremely stalwart patience.

Yet, it was always people like these who were the most dangerous. They concealed themselves and stayed by your side, so you would not know when they would attack you. Especially after all those incidents from before that she found rather odd, she had to be more careful.

Xi Xiaye examined him for a bit, and then she reached out her fair hand. “Thank you, CEO Qi, for the support.”

“You’re too courteous, Missus Mu!”

Qi Qiming continued to use a lukewarm tone to respond and then he reached out to shake her hand gently.

“Xiaye, you’re here!”

At this moment, Qi Lei’s voice came from beside them. Xi Xiaye subconsciously turned and looked to the voice to see Qi Lei with both hands in his pockets. His dark eyes flickered with a faint radiance as he watched her with ease.

Xi Xiaye did not respond verbally. She gently nodded elegantly at him before she turned and stood beside Wang Qin. With the photographer’s directions, she took a picture with Qi Qiming and Wang Qin.

“Thank you, Director Xi. Thank you for coming amidst your busy schedule. Let’s make a toast!”

Wang Qin handed Xi Xiaye a glass of red wine, yet before she could respond, a glass of warm water was delivered to her. Xi Xiaye turned in surprise and saw that Qi Lei was holding up the glass and looking at her calmly.

Ji Zitong and Ah Mo exchanged a glance from the side. Seeing Ah Mo nod, Ji Zitong did not go up to stop him.

“Drink this. Be careful. Otherwise, I’d have to explain myself to Mu Yuchen.”

Then, Xi Xiaye smiled and gently reached out to take it.

“Won’t you introduce us, Lei?”

Xi Xiaye had just drunk to Wang Qin when a clear and alluring voice suddenly rang out. Xi Xiaye looked up to the source of the voice and a figure in a Qinghua china gown suddenly greeted her sight!

She was a very stunning woman!

Xi Xiaye looked at the woman that walked over to them as surprise flashed in her eyes. She looked at Qi Lei with her interest piqued. She naturally did not miss out on how intimate this girl had called out to him.

When he heard this melodious voice, Qi Lei snapped back and turned to look. Gu Lingsha reached to his side and slowly stopped. A tender smile which reminded one of a water lotus flashed on her face as she looked quietly at Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye was a little stunned at the sight of those clear and dazzling blue eyes. She was Pan-Asian!

Xi Xiaye casually examined Gu Lingsha. Apart from being surprised by her beauty, she did not feel anything else, but Qi Lei seemed quite sweet to her. At least, the smile on this girl’s face looked sincere.

Obviously, when Xi Xiaye was examining her, Gu Lingsha’s beautiful eyes had already calmly sized her up quite a few times with a rather probing gaze.




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