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It was midnight when Mu Yuchen took the lift and went downstairs after he left the room.

Midnight in New York was charming as ever. The city was still crowded with people even though it was late at night.

Mu Yuchen stood by the club staircase as he straightened his slightly creased shirt. His expression was calm, but there were some signs of frustration in his eyes.

He was missing his woman at home, especially at a time like this.

He raised his head and looked at the colorful neon lights while his mind went numb for a moment. After a while, he walked down the staircase and passed the yellow street lamps to see Li Si and the others were waiting beside the car.

“The night has just started. It’s not like you to leave so early.” Zhou Zimo’s voice reached him from behind, a cheeky undertone coloring his voice.

When Mu Yuchen turned sideways, he squinted at Zhou Zimo as he put on a small smile. “It’s not the first time this has happened. Stop using me as a shield!”

Zhou Zimo shrugged and walked beside him with a grin. “Dior perfume…Don’t worry. I won’t tell her even if you really cheated. After all, won’t you get tired of just one person?”

Mu Yuchen’s expression darkened and he frowned as he replied, “Don’t compare her to them. Xiaye is my official wife. Who are they to compare to her? I only need one woman. More women mean more trouble. You’re a smart man. I believe you won’t make that mistake too. I don’t want to hear about this ever again.”

Zhou Zimo laughed. “Alright, alright. Why so unhappy? Do I look like I’d do that? I won’t have the courage to do so. Even if Su Chen and you won’t kill me for it, my elders at home would eliminate me. We won’t make such stupid mistakes.”

Mu Yuchen glared at him coldly without replying.

Zhou Zimo quickly slung his arm over Mu Yuchen’s shoulder as he realized he had said something wrong. “If I didn’t do that, we’d still have been stuck inside, you know.”

Mu Yuchen scowled at Zhou Zimo’s hand over his shoulder. Feeling his cold stare, Zhou Zimo quickly moved away, touching his nose while smirking. “I used to think Su Chen’s stare packed a ton of pressure, but you’re not bad either. I think the three of us…”

“If you could put these thoughts into a woman instead, you wouldn’t still be single,” Mu Yuchen interrupted before he could finish.

Among the three of them, Zhou Zimo cared the least about women. Su Chen was always impatient and kept women away while Mu Yuchen was cold and distant from the world. As for Zhou Zimo, he saw no difference between men and women, probably due to the influence of his surroundings. His mother was a famous andrologist doctor!

Zhou Zimo blushed a little. Having tasted the full extent of Mu Yuchen’s sharp tongue, he decided to keep quiet.

Mu Yuchen’s eyes turned frosty. He then said quietly, “Get the work done as soon as possible. I have to head over to Los Angeles. I might get into trouble if I don’t.”

“Missing your in-laws?” Zhou Zimo smiled at Mu Yuchen.

Since when would this guy get into trouble so easily?

“There’s something I need to look into personally. Ah Bo messaged. They might’ve found Qi Feng and I think he knows I’m looking for him,” Mu Yuchen said.

Zhou Zimo frowned. “Qi Feng! Then, could that Mr. Wen you mentioned who met your wife be Qi Feng? He was saved along with Gu Lingsha. It doesn’t make sense that we only found Gu Lingsha and not Qi Feng. Weren’t they very in love? If something actually happened to Qi Feng, wouldn’t Gu Lingsha be back to take revenge on you?”

Mu Yuchen smiled wryly. He did not seem to be bothered at all. “Maybe you’re right. That accident was horrible. Lingtian passed away on the spot, so it must’ve been bad for the two of them as well. I don’t want to know about the truth anymore. I just hope to maintain the current peaceful life. However, as you can see they are taking action against me from the dark, I don’t have a choice.”

Zhou Zimo nodded and sighed. “I know. I could already see that things had changed when Ah Mo was scouting for physically skilled people as bodyguards. Bro, have you fallen in love with your woman at home?”

Instead of denying it, Mu Yuchen smiled. “We even have a child together. What kind of stupid question is that?”

He walked down the staircase as he continued, “I hope things can remain like this. The past me has been taking relationships lightly. Now, I think that it’s important. Isn’t that what we’re all living for?”

“Someone’s becoming a saint of love now, hmm? I wonder if it’s a good thing or a bad thing!” Zhou Zimo teased him.

“Sometimes, I really wish we could’ve met earlier. We might not have to suffer so much.”

“You can never wish for fate to happen. You’re pretty lucky. At least, you’ve met the person you want to protect. Things are way more difficult with me and Su Chen since we still don’t know where our soulmates are, and we know we can’t stay this way forever. We do feel lonely whenever you’re not with us when we’re out drinking. To be honest, we felt kind of sad when you first told us that you were married. It felt like we broke up,” Zhou Zimo expressed his loneliness.

Mu Yuchen gave him a meaningful stare before he quickly explained, “Don’t look at me like that. I’m definitely straight!”

“I’ve reserved two villas in the Grand Waves Villa area for Su Chen and you as a wedding gift. It’s pretty close to Maple Residence, so it’ll be like when we were still staying in the military area.”

“So, I can move over right away?”

“You wish! It’s a wedding gift. Wait till you show me your marriage certificate!”




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