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A gentle voice entered Xi Xiaye’s ear. In that instant, she remembered Sis Lan’s face and felt that it was a great pity.

She initially wanted to take the chance to visit her, but she could not hold on any longer. Perhaps her passing would free her.

Xi Xiaye lowered her gaze and fell silent for a while before she sighed softly and turning around with her side facing Ji Zitong. She flipped the book open and her clear voice was faintly heard. “Go to pay respects on my behalf. Please tell Sis Li that it’s not convenient for me right now, so I won’t be attending it, and please help me thank her.”

As Xi Xiaye finished, Ji Zitong nodded gently. “Alright!” she answered before leaving while Xi Xiaye sighed and began to flip through the book.

Ji Zitong had just walked out of the office when she saw Ah Mo walking from the opposite direction, so she stopped. “Manager Ah Mo!”

Ah Mo nodded. “Is the Missus inside?”

“Yes, she is. She’s reading,” Ji Zitong replied.

“Okay, thanks!” Ah Mo said before he pushed the door open to enter.

When she heard footsteps, Xi Xiaye looked up from her book in an instant. She glanced toward the door and saw Ah Mo walking in. Her beautiful face instantly flashed with a gentle smile. “Weren’t you going back to the old residence with Ah Shi? Why are you here?”

“I’ll be going back later. Master told us to bring some things back for you, so I’ve brought them over.” Ah Mo smiled and handed a big bag of things to her.

“What is it? He didn’t tell me.” Xi Xiaye looked a little surprisedly at the bag he handed over.

Ah Mo smiled without a word. He just set the items aside on the desk, then said, “Missus, go home earlier today and rest well. There’s the banquet tomorrow, so don’t work too hard. All’s going well on Master’s end. Earlier, I’ve just talked to Master Mo on the phone. They said they should be returning quite soon.”

“Right, with regards to Sis Lan’s passing, Master already knows about it and we’ve arranged for someone to pay respects, so you don’t have to worry about it, Missus.”

Naturally, Mu Yuchen received the news quite fast. Sis Lan had just passed away and already he knew. Of course, some other news was delivered to him too. Considering Xi Xiaye’s nature, he was worried she would be too exhausted, so he just helped arrange everything, and on this end, he had Ah Mo’s capable help. He was practically commanding everything remotely.

All arranged for?

Xi Xiaye was stunned. Then, she thought about it and understood that he was already the kind of person who knew her well. She did not need to mention a number of things, but he would already help her get it sorted.

“Okay, thanks for your help! Then, please tell Zitong that she doesn’t need to attend it. Tomorrow, just pick me up from Maple Residence. I’ll be returning to the Shen residence tonight. Grandpa’s gotten a cold, so I’m worried. Later, Uncle Lan will just come to pick me up. I’ll return to Maple Residence at night.”


“Okay, you go back first. Don’t let Grandfather and Grandmother wait too long.”

Ah Mo quickly retreated. Xi Xiaye’s clear eyes looked at the bag as a smile rippled across her beautiful face. She then reached out to open the bag which was filled with many luxurious gift boxes.

She casually took one to open and saw a gorgeous and dazzling diamond ring. She opened another one, and they were all either bracelets or diamond necklaces. There was also an exquisite pair of sapphire earrings.

They were such corny things, but she felt her heart warm as she continued browsing through the gifts. There was a letter below which she quickly took up to read. In the letter was his flowing handwriting.

She opened the letter and the vigorous strokes of handwriting leaped and flowed before her eyes.

Missus, is everything alright? I specially went around the shopping mall for a bit. I really did not know what I could give you, so I picked these. I think they suit you rather well. Do you miss me? Whether you do or not, I miss you.

Just a few simple words and Xi Xiaye could already imagine that the man must have thought about it for a long while before he wrote them.

Obviously, Xi Xiaye was right.

This should be considered a love letter. Master Mu had been alive for over 30 years and it was his first time writing such a cringy love letter for a woman. When Zhou Zimo had seen it then, he almost laughed until his stomach cramped up. Mu Yuchen kicked him in annoyance before he would stop.

Xi Xiaye read it quite a few times before she kept the letter away while blushing and her heart palpitated. As if it could sense their mother’s excitement, the little thing in her belly began to happily move about again. She quickly held her baby bump and smiled as she said gently, “Baby, look! This is the love letter your father has written for Mummy. He’s not skilled at all. Please don’t be like him next time. You won’t be able to get any girls like this! When the time comes, Mummy will secretly tell you that the love letters Grandpa used to write for Grandma were more poetic and charming.”

When it heard its mother’s voice, the little thing moved around even more, making Xi Xiaye gently giggle out loud.

She calmed down for a while before quietly putting the things away, she then sent the man a text.

Mr. Mu, your love letter was of rookie standards!

Within a minute of sending that text, Mr. Mu responded: It was concise and comprehensive. Every word contained the essence of what I want to say.

Xi Xiaye smiled with her lips pursed as she continued to respond: The core ideology revealed a word ‘corny’. You’re a true nouveau riche.

The other side responded in a split second: Nouveau riche, Missus? Is that supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing?

Just like that, the husband and wife chatted back and forth. In an instant, tons of texts were exchanged. The two of them were having an awful lot of fun!

Even Zhou Zimo could not bear to continue watching it from the side. He gently raised his glass to a beautiful blonde-haired girl and hinted at her with his eyes. The blonde-haired beauty smiled knowingly and squeezed toward Mu Yuchen. She caught his sleeve and called out flirtatiously, “Master Mu, what do you want to play?”

Then, she leaned over, but Mu Yuchen immediately pushed her aside and his face sank. “What are you doing!”

The blonde beauty fell embarrassingly as she looked at Mu Yuchen pitifully.

This gold mine was odd! He had come to such a place for fun, yet he did not smoke, drink, or call for girls. All of them could not get close to him, so why was he here then?

Mu Yuchen realized that he had reacted too harshly, so he concealed the gloominess in his eyes very quickly. He looked indifferently at the woman, then got up annoyed. He walked outside, and the people in the private room stopped what they were doing to stare in surprise as Mu Yuchen disappeared out the door.

Zhou Zimo shrugged. However, the joy of getting things his way flashed in his eyes. He promptly got up as well and in fluent English, he apologized, “Next time, get some prettier ones. He has very high standards. Please don’t mind him. Don’t mind him at all!”

When the crowd heard that, they all laughed and nodded knowingly.




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