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 Me And My Daddi 

Season 4

Episode 41

He nodded. “We’re lucky to have her.”

He stood and took the plates in and then brought back two small plates.

She looked down at the scrumptious dessert. “What is this?”

“It’s her cheesecake. She makes the best.”

They both dug into it.

He stood and gathered the dishes. “Stay there. I’ll be right back.”


She sat back down and waited. A shiver raced down her spine when he came back with a hungry look in his eyes. She squeaked and giggled when he lifted her onto the table. He ripped the shirt off her so she could lay back and he could feast on her.

He pulled off his shorts, spread her legs, and drove into her, making them both gasp.

“Fuck, baby. This is heaven.”

She tried to talk, but her thoughts splintered as he started pounding into her and throwing her over instantly. When it continued, she screamed and gripped the edge of the table until her knuckles were white.

Her need spiked when she noticed how he stared down at the sight of his cock driving into her. Each thrust harder than the last until he groaned and gripped her hips in his hands to hold himself deep inside of her as they both came.

She watched the emotions that crossed his face and smiled at the satisfaction of his smile when he looked down at her.

He gathered her in his arms. “Up you go, baby. Time for bed.”

She nodded and set her head on his shoulder. The next thing she knew, the sun was shining in through the bedroom drapes. She turned her head and saw Patrick had already left the bed, so she slid out of bed and went into the bathroom to shower.

Thirty minutes later, she was walking down the stairs to look for him. She needed his strength because her nerves were frazzled at the thought of seeing her mother again later on, even though it was a dream come true for her. Hopefully, time would make things easier for all of them.


Patrick walked up behind Eve as she looked out the window in the office building’s conference room and wrapped his arms around her.


Eve nodded. “Yes. I don’t understand why I’m not more excited to see my mom.”

“I think you’re still getting over the shock of her being alive, plus you’ve gone through so much in the last month. You’re probably still getting your bearings.”

“I think I hurt her the last time.”

“That was my fault. She was sort of sprung on you. She knew she was going to see you.”

She nodded and then stiffened when the door opened behind them.

They turned to see Trisha in the doorway.

Trisha stood uncertainly.

“Come on in, Trisha. We have refreshments,” Patrick said and pulled out a chair for Eve and then held out the one next to her for her mother. He then took the chair on the other side of Eve.

Trisha sat and then held out her hand to Eve, who took it.

“I’m so happy you wanted to see me again. Darian said that you’ve been nervous about the meeting.”

Eve nodded her head.


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