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 Me And My Daddi

Season 5

Episode 5

“Shit, she’s also a goody-two-shoes,” Brigit guessed. “We’re not going to get away with anything with her around.”

“What do you mean?” Riley asked. She wanted to have fun like the rest of them.

“Do you really think we can go all summer without sex?” a girl asked.

“You’re going to have sex?” Riley stammered as her eyes widened. “With who?”

Brigit grinned and rolled her eyes. “With all of them. The boy counselors and even one of the groundskeepers. We’ll be having a fuckfest for the next six weeks.”

“You’ll sleep with more than one?” Riley asked in shock.

“Jesus, where the hell have you been?” a girl asked.

“Home,” Riley said simply.

“Hey,” another girl popped up and said. “Maybe we can teach her how to have fun.”

Brigit turned her gaze back on Riley with speculation.

Riley shook her head, seeming unsure. Yeah, she wanted to have fun, but not the kind they were talking about. She’d met girls like this before in high school. While she didn’t know yet if she could trust them, she already guessed she couldn’t. If they were planning to have sex with the boys in camp, she didn’t want to be around them.

“We could teach you how to be a teenager. Don’t you want to fit in with us?” Brigit asked her.

Riley bit her lip and glanced around the room at the other girls. She wanted to yell, no, but she also wanted to fit in. “I … I’m not sure.”

Brigit came to her and wrapped an arm around Riley’s shoulders. “Just do what we say, and you’ll have the best summer ever.”

She looked at the other girls. “Okay. I guess I can try.”

Brigit nodded as she walked back to her bed. She slapped her hands together and rubbed back and forth with a big grin. “This is going to be so much fun,” she whispered to a small group of girls, making them all laugh. Riley stood in the corner and tried to hear what was being said. When one light after the other started turning off, she gave up. She grabbed her pajamas, toothpaste, and toothbrush and went into the large bathroom.

“Oh, by the way, if you tell Mr. Harrison about any of this, we’ll make your life a living hell,” Brigit warned as Riley passed.

Riley nodded, hurried into the bathroom, flattened her back against the wall, and pressed her hand to her chest. The other girls scared her. She didn’t want to do anything they said but was afraid they’d do something to her if she didn’t. This was the very reason she hadn’t wanted to be away from home. She didn’t feel safe here, and the thought of feeling that way for six weeks made her feel ill.

She took a breath and calmed down before she looked around. She had yet to see inside the bathroom and was impressed. When Noah had had the cabins built, he put their comfort in mind and made the buildings as comfortable as possible.

There were five sinks in a row, five stalls where the toilets were, and five small rooms that she could see had a bench, hooks, and a shower in.

She quickly changed and brushed her teeth before heading back to her bed.

Riley heard a few chuckles and comments about her pajamas as she walked back to her bed but ignored it. So what if she liked unicorns?

She arranged her bed the way she wanted, turned off the light that sat on the small nightstand by her bed, and slid in. Tucking her blanket around herself, she closed her eyes.

Only when she heard the deep breathing and snores did she give in to the tears that saturated her pillow. She just didn’t know how she was going to last six weeks.

To have to deal with these girls on a daily basis was going to drive her crazy. While she wanted to make her dad proud, she knew she wouldn’t be able to deal with their hatred, attacks, and insults for that long.

She would try her best until she was at her breaking point, and then she’d go to Noah and have him call her dad. Although the thought of being in Noah’s cabin and in his bed made a ball of heat start to grow in her belly. Her nipples hardened into little points.

She knew what was happening to herself. Desire was something she’d read about but never experienced, but she hadn’t realized it would be painful. Still, she couldn’t get the thought out of her mind of Noah’s hands on her body, touching all her private parts and making her feel good.

He was older than she was, but she didn’t think it was that much, and she didn’t care.

Her eyes finally closed, and her last thought was of his mouth on hers, kissing her as she’d seen in the movies.


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