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 Me And My Daddi 

Season 5

Episode 2

“No, I’ll be right here. I promise.”

She nodded, rushed over to the driver, picked up a suitcase, and pulled another one behind her while Mavis walk

ed behind her with the other three.

Emerson turned to Noah after they watched the two enter the cabin. “As I told you on the phone, she’s very immature in some respects, but she’s smart and a hard worker, and she’s amazing with horses.”

Noah patted Emerson on the back. “She’s going to be fine. I have some experience with girls like her. A few of my friends have women like that. They are all really intelligent but don’t like how women are treated or the way they act. To be happy, they need more guidance than the average woman their age.”

“Really? I thought it was just my daughter that was immature for her age. I know losing her mother hit her hard, and I don’t think she’s recovered from it, and it’s been ten years.”


Noah wasn’t going to tell Emerson it wasn’t his friends’ daughters who were like Riley but their littles. The women in their lives they took care of. Unless you were in the lifestyle of big/little relationships, most people didn’t understand. Noah himself had had a few relationships like it but he had yet to find the little that fit him.

He was actually surprised at how many women wanted that type of relationship and had found more men than he thought possible who looked for women like that.

“She’s going to be fine. If I have any problems that I can’t manage, I’ll contact you, but I don’t foresee anything happening that I can’t deal with.”

“You have no idea how much this relieves me. I don’t know how to relate to her, and she just ends up getting on my nerves. I snap at her and end up hurting her feelings.”

Noah nodded. “I understand. I hope by the end of the summer, this problem will be solved.”

“I hope so, too. There’s a woman I’ve been seeing. Riley doesn’t know about her yet. She’s thrown a fit in the past if I had a date, but I’m a grown man who wants an adult relationship. I can’t have it while she’s around unless I lie to her.”

Noah watched Riley, and the driver headed back toward them. He smiled to see the animation on the girl’s face as she walked beside the man.

With her long dark hair in a ponytail swinging behind her, she looked really young until you got a look at her body. It was a mature woman’s body. Her hips were rounded, and her thighs were on the thick side, exactly how he liked. He didn’t go for the woman who starved themselves until he could see their bones. Her breasts looked like they were about ready to spill out of her bra as they bounced under her t-shirt.

“Riley, come and say goodbye to your dad,” Noah said, trying to head off a tearful goodbye. “I’m going to need your advice on something in the stables.”

Riley’s eyes widened. “Really?”

Noah nodded. “Really.”

She hopped up to her dad and hugged him tightly. “I’ll miss you, Dad.”

Emerson hugged her back. “I’ll miss you, too, pumpkin. I think you’re going to be a great help to Noah.”

She leaned back and smiled. “I will try.”

“Good.” Emerson bent and kissed his daughter’s forehead. “Be good.”

She took a step back as she watched her dad slide into the back of the limo. Mavis closed the door and walked around the car.

Noah placed a hand on her arm when she started to take a step to follow the car.

“Are you ready to help me, sweetheart?”

She pulled her gaze away from the departing vehicle, faced him, and tried to blink away her tears. “Yes, sir.”

Noah held out his hand. “Come with me.”

She took one more look over her shoulder before she placed her hand in Noah’s and let him lead her off.

He spent the better part of an hour showing her where the tack was and introducing her to the stable manager and some of the horses. When she started to relax and smile, he determined she was ready for the rest.

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