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 Me And My Daddi 

Season 5

Episode ,10

“It … it sounds wonderful, but no one will ever want me like that.” She blinked back the tears that filled her eyes.

“But I already do.”

It took a moment for Riley to catch on, and when she did, her mouth dropped open, and her eyes widened dramatically. “Are you saying you want me as your little? Like in real life?”

He chuckled. “Yes, in real life, baby girl. We can see how it goes this summer, and if you’re happy, we’ll tell your dad that you’re coming home with me. But I want to make sure it’s what you want and need.”

“But you’re so handsome. You look like movie stars I read about. Why would you want someone like me?”

He cupped her face and brought it close to his. “You’re everything I’ve been looking for, baby girl.”

She sniffed. “I can’t believe you’d want someone like me. I’m a chubby mess.”

He growled. “If you put yourself down again, you will be spanked.”

She giggled. “You know, you threaten to spank me a lot.”

“It’s one of my favorite forms of punishment.”

“What are the others?” she asked in excited interest.

He chuckled. “I’m guessing you’ll be finding out.”

“I don’t know about that, dad … Noah. Sorry, that just slipped out.”

He cupped her chin to get her full attention. “When it’s us, I want you to call me daddy.”

Her eyes brightened. “Really?”


“I’m so glad I came here,” she said earnestly and hopped up on her toes in excitement.

Noah brushed the hair from her face. “I am too, baby girl,” he murmured.

He used the palm of his hand on the back of her head to bring her mouth up to his. Then he used his tongue to coax her lips to open before he pressed his into hers.

Both moaned and tightened their hold on each other.

He lifted his head. Riley’s eyes were closed, her face tilted up to his, and her lips were likely red and swollen. A growl caught in his throat, and he bent to kiss her again.

“Daddy, please,” she moaned when he lifted his head again.

“You want your daddy?” Noah asked in a guttural, desire-filled tone.

“Yes, please.”

“You can have him, but not now.”

“Why?” she whined.

“Because we have a hundred children who are going to wake up in a few hours, and they will want to be fed and then supervised and entertained, so we need to get our sleep.”

“Oh,” she said and pressed her fingertips against her lips. “Will you kiss me like that again?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m going to be kissing every part of your body, baby girl.”

She snorted. “Not everywhere.”


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