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 Me And My Daddi 

Season 4

Episode 23

She sat up as he maneuvered himself off the mattress and set the book on the nightstand.

He tugged her down until she was lying on her pillow and then brought the blanket up to her chin. He bent and placed a kiss on her forehead. “Good night, baby. Yell if you need me.”

She watched him walk away with a sinking heart. He couldn’t have been more obvious, wanting to get away from her. He had practically run from the room. The fact that her body throbbed with a desire she didn’t understand made the situation worse.

Had she done something wrong? Did he not want her around anymore? She listened to the shower next door as it turned on again. Her ears followed his progress until everything went silent. She tried to close her eyes and rest, but the ball of hunger deep in her gut wouldn’t let her relax, and she didn’t know how to get it to go away so she could fall asleep.

She knew a bit about desire. She remembered a teacher talking about in her sex education class. But what she was experiencing was unlike anything she’d ever heard about. Maybe something was wrong with her? Maybe she should see a doctor? A thought filled her head and made dread take away the other feeling. Was her father right? Did she have the devil in her? The idea made her sick. If it was true, she shouldn’t be around other people. What if it rubbed off on them somehow?

She got more agitated until she shook uncontrollably. She threw back the covers and raced into Patrick’s bedroom. She stopped suddenly at the bottom of his bed.


Patrick propped himself up on his elbow and stared at her. Right away, he could tell something was wrong even though the room was mostly in shadows.

“What’s the matter, baby?”

“I’m sick,” she declared.

He frowned. “Sick?”

“Yes, inside. Just like my father said I was. I need to leave before I get you sick.”

She turned and tried to make it through the door only to have him grab ahold of her arm.

“Whoa, wait. Where are you getting this idea?”

“My body, it’s broken, and the only explanation is I have the devil inside of me.”

He pulled her against his chest. “Wait. Tell me why you think this.”

“Because of the way the book made me feel. It’s wrong. The fact it sent you away confirms what I think.”

He sighed and started pulling her over to the bed. He lifted her onto the mattress and slid in beside her. He anchored her against his side when she tried to move away from him. “No, stay still and listen. Nothing is wrong with you—”


“No. Listen. What you felt was desire. It’s perfectly normal to feel like that when we were reading that book.”

He saw relief flash over her face for a moment before confusion set in again.

“You don’t understand. I physically hurt.”

“I know, baby. I did, too. I had to take a cold shower to feel better.”

“Would that help me?” she asked.

“It might, but it’s really unpleasant,” he said with a smirk.

“Why did you run from me?”

“Honey, I was way too close to tucking you underneath me and fucking you blind.”

Eve gasped but didn’t move away. In fact, she moved a little closer. “Would it make us feel better?”

“Hell, yes. But I’m talking about taking your virginity, and I don’t think you’re ready for that.”

“Isn’t there another way?”

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