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 Me And My Daddi 

Season 4

Episode 22

He smiled. “Yes, I’ll get in touch with Darian and see if he knows of a place.”

“I’d like that. Thank you.”

He pressed a kiss to the top of her head and lifted her out of his lap. “Give me thirty minutes, and then we can watch another movie before bedtime.”

She nodded and turned back to the books.

He sent out an email and got the name of a day spa that would take care of his girl. Darian even promised to have Larkin and Brylee there so they could have a girl day.

Patrick and Darian messaged back and forth about how Eve and her mom took the news and what their next step would be after letting the two visit the next day.

He closed down his computer and stood. “Are you ready?”

Eve turned to him, nodded, and closed the book she’d been looking through before sliding it back on the shelf.

He led her into the TV room, and they picked a short movie about a dog trying to find his way home. A smile crossed his face when he heard Eve sniff a few times. He liked that she had a tender heart.

After a bit, he glanced at the clock. “We should get to bed. We have an early day, and I’m sure it will be an emotional one, also.”

She nodded.


Patrick and Eve climbed the stairs hand and hand. Patrick moved them past his room and into hers.

“Go ahead and get ready for bed. I’ll be back in a bit. Why don’t you pick out a book you’d like to read tonight?”

Eve nodded and watched him walk out of the room. She had an overwhelming urge to chase after him and beg him not to leave, but there was still a fear that if she pushed too much, he’d want her out of his life. The thought of never seeing him again made her soul physically ache.

She showered, dressed in a nightgown, and brushed her teeth. She was looking through the books on her shelf when Patrick walked back in. Her gaze roamed over him. He was wearing sleep pants again and nothing else, so she was able to take in his masculine beauty.

He snorted when he caught her staring.

“Find a book, baby.”

She watched him get comfortable on her bed before she grabbed the closest book and jumped up onto the mattress.

He read the title and then glanced at her.

“Do you realize which book you chose?”

She shook her head. “No, I just grabbed one. What is it?”

“It’s an erotic book about a young girl in the eighteenth century when she comes of age. She’s pushed into a marriage with a man, but when she goes to meet him at his home, his family seduces her. The father, mother, sister, and uncle teach her everything she needs to know about sex. It’s very erotic.”

“Should I pick out something else?” Eve asked.

“Not if you don’t want to.”

She cuddled up against him. “Let’s read this.”

He cleared his throat.

“On a cold December day on the North side of England…”

She heard the tremor in his voice get more pronounced as the book’s content heated, and Eve was unable to stay still against him. Her need for him built, making her panties wet and her breasts tender.

He closed the book. “I think that’s enough for tonight.”


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