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(How Is Being Lazy Acceptable?)

Han Zhuoli also made such a movement, and four of his fingers overlapped Lu Man’s fingers. Both of their hands formed a heart shape.

Coincidentally, their wedding rings were also shown.

Then, Han Zhuoli took a photo.

The room had only one light on. The rays from the sunset blanketed both of their hands. The photo appeared as though it was taken with a filter, blurry and romantic.

Han Zhuoli opened the “eight-eight-sixty-four” WeChat group and posted the photo.

He then sent a short message: “I keep forgetting to tell you all, Lu Man and I have collected our marriage certificate already.”

Han Zhuoli was very happy and looked forward to the response from them.

Alas, after 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes had passed, no one responded to the message!

“They must be really jealous of our marriage!” Han Zhuoli pointed to the phone screen, livid.

“…” Lu Man reminded him impatiently, “Many of them are also married, such as Qi Chengzhi, Yan Beicheng, Qi Chenglin, Yan Huaian, Wei Zilin…”

Lu Man counted. “It appears that not many are unmarried.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

“Then it must be those who are unmarried who are jealous of my marriage!” Han Zhuoli insisted.

“…” Lu Man pointed at the time on the phone. “You, look at what time it is. They may already be asleep.”

“Why would they sleep so early?” Han Zhuoli was very unhappy. “Each one of them is supposed to be the head of a family and the entire group, how could they be so lazy? If they are not working until two or three, how can they be the head of a family or a CEO?”

Lu Man: “…”

Could you not say such stuff when lying on the bed?

You saying such things are not convincing at all.

“Don’t forget, many of them are already married with kids. They would have to accompany their wife and kids. It is normal for them to sleep earlier,” said Lu Man.

“No, this is not acceptable!” Han Zhuoli said righteously.

Then, Lu Man saw him opening his contact book on his phone and calling every single one of them.

“Chengzhi? Are you asleep? Not yet? That’s great, open the WeChat group.”

“Beicheng, are you asleep? Sleeping? Now you would be awake, right? Since you’re awake, open the WeChat group.”

“Chenglin, not sleeping yet? Sleeping? If you are asleep, wake up and look at the WeChat group.

“Zhaoyang, are you asleep? Then wake up and enter the WeChat group.”

“Zhunan, are you asleep? Since you are already awake, don’t go back to sleep. Look at the WeChat group.”

Lu Man listened to Han Zhuoli as he woke Chu Zhaoyang and the rest up individually like a gust of cold wind.

“Qianzi, don’t sleep. As a single man, what is the point of you sleeping so early? Wake up!” Han Zhuoli said. “Look at the WeChat group before sleeping.”

“Jingheng, you’re not asleep, right? What? Sleeping? Aren’t you the owner of a bar? How can you sleep so early?

Han Jingheng: “Who says that the boss of a bar cannot sleep early?”

“Aiyo, from your voice, you sound quite energetic. It seems you are already awake, so just look at the WeChat group.”

Lu Man: “…”

Han Zhuoli’s malice towards the single men appeared to be greater.

She felt bad for Wei Zhiqian and Nan Jingheng.

But nevertheless, Han Zhuoli’s usual aloof appearance would sometimes be replaced with his craziness. Even Lu Man did not know when he would go crazy.

Even after waking Chu Zhaoyang and the rest up individually, he still did not say much and only asked them to look at the WeChat group.

Lu Man was just waiting for them to scold him.

Now was a good time to enter the group and wait and see.



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