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(Very Strong Backing)

What Han Zhuoli never say was that even if Lu Man did create some huge trouble, he would still back her up without hesitation.

It was only that this girl was very sensible, never giving him any problems.

Even with Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai still there, Lu Man could not help but hug Han Zhuoli’s waist. “How are you so wonderful? Thank you for believing in me.”

“Who should I trust if I don’t trust you?” Han Zhuoli chuckled.

Meanwhile, on Weibo, more and more people were taking notice of this incident thanks to Lu Man’s repost.

A post by a young man would not have gathered such a big response.

Lu Man did not say anything, merely reposted it.

But the netizens went into a frenzy nonetheless.

“D*mn, it’s just a filming crew. Who do they think they are to allow road blockage? What movie is this? Will definitely boycott this when it comes out!”

“I’ve searched, and it’s Sounds of Winter directed by Liang Chengbing, starring Lu Hancheng, Shen Cang, Gu Liangsheng, and Jiang Yuhan.”

“Heh, quite a star-studded cast. But can they be so arrogant just like this?”

“Jiang Yuhan’s probably having a bad year. First, she was troubled by The Performer and was lucky to escape unscathed, and she even managed to snag this movie with a good cast. Thought that she was lucky and this was a good opportunity for her. Who knew that this incident would occur? What’s the crew thinking, seriously? Did they have a screw loose or something? To block the road, who do they think they are?!”

“Lu Man totally impressed me. She even dared to repost this; isn’t she afraid of getting on the bad side of the production crew? Until now, Lu Man’s the only one who’s reposted this, no other celebs did.”

“I’m impressed too. Because Lu Man’s willing to speak what others dare not to, I’m going to stan her now.”

“Speaking of her, Lu Man’s Weibo’s pretty clean. No rubbish advertisements, only some promotions for her works.”

“But that’s too clean. She doesn’t even have a selfie! @Lu Man, post more selfies, please! Other celebs post nine-grid selfies every day, you should post at least one too!”

“Why are we diverting? Don’t y’all think Lu Man actually has a very strong backing?”

“What do you mean?”

“Before that, she had a conflict with Zhang Lun, then she opposed Bourbotte, and she never lost once. We can’t deny that the support she gained from the people played a part, but what about when she went against The Performer? The Performer was Xing Ke Station’s planned hit show, and offending The Performer meant offending Xing Ke Station as well. She made The Performer get roasted by the people until it stopped filming. How could Xing Ke Station let it go like this? If we common folks can think of this, with Lu Man’s IQ and EQ (which are quite high, imo), she would have thought of this too. Most people would be wary of the consequences. From the way Lu Man dealt with things, we know that she isn’t someone unusually tough or uncompromising, she’s someone who can settle things smoothly. This means that if she really cared, she wouldn’t have directly opposed Xing Ke Station. She would have kept her opinions to herself. Yet Lu Man just straight up went against them. We all know the consequence if she didn’t have a strong backing. But nothing has happened to Lu Man at all. That’s why I reckon Lu Man’s audacity stems from her strong backing. Have y’all seen anyone who had offended people survive in the entertainment industry? But Lu Man offended quite a few and she doesn’t seem to be stopping.”

“Oh my, this makes sense, commenter above. You actually made me believe there’s this possibility.”



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