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(Created Huge Trouble)

His number of followers increased all of a sudden.

Upon checking once again, he saw that Lu Man had really reposted his Weibo.

The young man jumped in excitement. “Lu Man really reposted my Weibo! She really did! Hahahahaha!”

Lu Man put away her phone secretly, pretending that nothing had occurred.

Because Liang Chengbing and the others had their attention stolen by the crowd with their bricks and rocks, no one saw Lu Man sneak her phone out to repost a Weibo.

And thankfully, she was wearing her baseball cap and sunglasses.

With her disguise, she would not be easily identified.

With her current low rate of exposure, only true fans could identify her like this.

Liang Chengbing shook with anger when he heard this.

He had never provoked Lu Man, had he?!

Why would Lu Man interfere in these types of matters?

He had never seen anyone add scenes for themselves like this. Was she seizing the chance to do a publicity stunt for herself?

That must be it!

Liang Chengbing did not care much for Lu Man right now. He had bigger troubles to deal with.

He felt a headache coming on. He’d already allowed Han Zhuoli to enter, so what were they still going on about?

As Liang Chengbing went to deal with the crowd over there, Lu Man took Han Zhuoli’s hand. “Making a big deal again?”

Han Zhuoli smiled, patting her head. “I don’t know how you do it, this ability to stir things up wherever you go.”

Lu Man pouted, not speaking.

She wanted to say she was innocent, but when she thought about it, she was the one who made a bigger fuss about things.

If they did as Liang Chengbing had suggested and entered straight away, nothing else would have happened. But she could not do it.

Han Zhuoli smiled. “Don’t think too much. It’s better this way. Their crew is at fault for going too far in the first place. Moreover, we would have encountered bigger problems if we’d left and ignored the others. It’s fine that no one recognizes you now, but if they did, any good reputation you worked so hard to gain would’ve been gone in an instant. Don’t forget that Mom stays here too. She would be ostracized even after this blows over. Regardless, we also can’t leave these people to fend for themselves, unable to go home. The crew went overboard.”

Han Zhuoli pinched Lu Man’s cheeks. “Don’t bother thinking that you’ve created trouble for me. What you said was what I wanted to say as well. Even without my intervention, I believe you would’ve settled this yourself.”

He always took note of Lu Man’s achievements.

This was such a trivial matter as compared to what Lu Man had faced before.

Lu Man grinned from ear to ear. If not for her parents beside them, she would have given Han Zhuoli a proper hug and kiss.

How was this man so marvelous, constantly supporting her?

Lu Man hooked Han Zhuoli’s arm and turned away from Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai while lightly poking his solid abs. “At least this is a controllable mess. What if I created huge trouble because you keep indulging me like this? ”

“You won’t.” Han Zhuoli was confident. “You know your limits.”

Lu Man was touched. Not only did this man support her, but he also fully believed in her.

Because of this trust, he had unconditional support for whatever she did.

And it was also because of this trust that he knew she would never create trouble or do anything detrimental to him.

Ever since the beginning, Lu Man took action only when she had things under control.

Han Zhuoli would help her. Even if he never did, Lu Man would not lose, but if he did, Lu Man’s victory would be sweeter.



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