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(Dream On)

“You!” Liang Chengbing was choked with anger. Was this brat encouraging those people to boycott his movie?

If he were to continue blocking off the road, they would boycott his movie?!

The more Liang Chengbing looked at Lu Man, the more he felt that she looked familiar. However, he just couldn’t recall who she was at that moment or where he had seen her before.

He was right in the heat of his anger now too, so that made it even more difficult for him to recall.

Those residents who were blocking off the opening of the road were listening to the conversation that was happening. The young man who came back to get his documents suddenly shouted, “That’s right! That girl is right! You’re concerned that your filming would injure us, but you guys can just affect our normal daily lives? You guys want to close off the road? Sure! I will expose you guys on the internet right now and boycott your movie! You’re not letting us go home at all, and you’re still thinking that we would fork out money to watch your movie? Dream on!”

That young man whipped out his phone and started taking multiple shots at the road that was closed off.

A staff member hurriedly rushed up to stop him but the young man held on to his phone tightly and shouted, “What’s the matter? Are you guys even thinking of hitting people? Police, they are going to hit people!”

The police hurriedly pulled the staff member away.

“You want to film here, sure! But you can’t close off the road. You don’t want your filming to be hindered, but you’re fine with impeding others? There’s no such logic,” Lu Man said loudly.


The residents heard it, and all of them agreed one by one.

“Either you stop closing off the road or we will keep waiting here. You want your filming to go smoothly, right? With so many people around, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you won’t be able to film anything,” Lu Man said coldly. “If you can stop them from going home, they can stop you from shooting too.”

“You!” Liang Chengbing’s face was flushed red with anger. He had never met someone who was so unreasonable before.

Yet, this person had Han Zhuoli supporting her. He completely couldn’t do anything.

“Are you going to stop or not?” Lu Man asked coldly.

Of course Liang Chengbing didn’t want to.

That young man reacted quickly too. While no one was paying attention, he had picked up a brick from the side of the road. “Go ahead and film! When you start rolling, I will throw a brick over. I won’t aim it at anyone, only at the camera. I will let the brick fly across your camera and smash it until it breaks!”

He had been hustling all alone in B City for so many years. As he was very good at his work, he was able to earn more and more money. Therefore, it was natural that he wasn’t just any simple-minded ordinary person. He was very quick-witted.

Some older uncles and aunties[1] realized what he was doing and hurried to the side of the road to pick up some more bricks.

There weren’t many bricks, but there were some rocks and even broken tree branches.

Anyway, they just picked up whatever they could.

An auntie sturdily lifted up a rock. “Go ahead and film! If you dare to, go ahead and film!”

“You… you people are starting a riot! Police, are you not going to control them or something?” Liang Chengbing said angrily.

The young man said, “I’m going all out today to get my document. If I head back to the office without it, I would be fired, so I won’t leave this place either! I can’t stand your terrible habit. Each and every single one of you thinks you are so amazing! I have already posted this incident on the Internet! Even if we get arrested, there will be other people coming over! There are so many people living around this area. There are so many people who would be affected by your filming. I just don’t believe that everyone would just swallow it down like that!”

Just at that moment, a young lady suddenly shouted in surprise, “It’s Lu Man! Lu Man has reposted your Weibo post. Brother, is your Weibo username ‘Brazen Old Monk’?”

The young man blushed. He usually didn’t think much about it, but once that young lady read it out loud, why did it seem so embarrassing?

The young man nodded sheepishly. “Yes, that’s me.”

“Quick, look! Your post has been reposted by Lu Man!” the young lady said excitedly.

The young man quickly checked and, as expected, he had received a lot of comments and reposts.

[1] Chinese people often refer to older men and women as “uncles” or “aunties” in general.



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