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(Making Things Difficult)

It was wrong of them to use an excuse of “not wanting to injure people” and affect the normal lives of the residents!

However, as Han Zhuoli was around, it wouldn’t be good if Lu Man spoke up so easily.

Yet, unexpectedly, Han Zhuoli said at that moment, “If you’re afraid of injuring people, then you should have filmed it somewhere you can’t injure anyone! How do other movies with even larger scenes film, then? If every single one of them had to close off roads, won’t all the residents be unable to go anywhere at all? Are the film studios and sets just for display? Do you have to close off this main road just to show off that your production crew is so capable?”

Lu Man turned to look at Han Zhuoli, her eyes sparkling brightly.

She didn’t want to step over Han Zhuoli and speak up. Yet, she didn’t expect that Han Zhuoli would say everything she wanted to say. She didn’t have to say anything at all.

She didn’t know whether he did want to say all of that or if he just knew what she wanted to say.

But ultimately, this man really understood her.

Lu Man’s gaze was soft and gentle. It was filled with her admiration and love for Han Zhuoli.

The tips of Han Zhuoli’s ears started flushing a little red from her gaze. He grabbed her hand and squeezed it lightly twice.

What was this little girl doing in front of so many people?!

How could she not hold back at all?!

He should be the one doing something like that!

Han Zhuoli immediately turned his head and looked at Lu Man. His gaze was so gentle, it almost melted Lu Man.

Liang Chengbing: “…”

This public display of affection was too disgusting. He couldn’t take it.

“Young Master Han, your words are a little harsh,” Liang Chengbing said. After all, he felt a little unhappy.

Their production crew was filming their own movie, yet Han Zhuoli was here ordering them around.

Besides, the Han Corporation didn’t even invest in their movie!

However, Liang Chengbing still wouldn’t dare to offend Han Zhuoli after all. He said, “I’ll explain clearly to my people and get them to not stop you. Your mother-in-law can pass through as freely as she wants.”

Lu Man raised her eyebrows. They were giving the go-ahead only to them?

It was such a pity. She didn’t like having such a special privilege.

Wang Juhuai shook his head. He said, “I haven’t come back in such a long time. Who’d have guessed that the film industry in China has turned out like this?”

Liang Chengbing’s face froze. Han Zhuoli saw that Lu Man appeared as if she had a lot to say but was holding back. He broke into a smile and said, “Just say what you want to say. You don’t have to worry about me. With me here, what could you not stay?”

Lu Man thought to herself, Do I not need to show him some respect in front of outsiders?

If she were to just interrupt whenever she wanted to, wouldn’t that be too unruly?

However, since Han Zhuoli had already said that, she wouldn’t stand on ceremony either. She spoke directly to Liang Chengbing. “Director Liang, if we are the only ones who can pass through freely, what about the other people, then?”

“Of course they wouldn’t be able to.” Liang Chengbing pursed his lips and said, “I’m only letting you guys pass through because of Young Master Han. However, please think about us too. It is not easy for us to have our shooting either. If any accident happens, it would affect our filming progress. I can’t take on such a responsibility. I’m considerate towards you, so please be considerate towards us too.”

“What do we have to be considerate towards you for? That you are affecting other people’s daily lives? I’ve never heard of anyone doing something like this when filming. How could you be so imperious?” Lu Man said coldly. “If your production crew still insists on closing off this road and not letting other people through, then we won’t pass through it either. We will wait here and not move. There is no reason that we should be the only ones who are allowed to pass through. If you could let us in, why can’t you let other people pass through? I’m sorry, but I don’t have the right to enjoy such special treatment.”

“You are making things difficult for me,” Liang Chengbing said, his face dark.

Lu Man smiled. “I don’t know who is making things difficult for whom. You’re filming for audiences to watch, and they are…”

Lu Man pointed at the residents. “All audiences too. And right now, aren’t you letting some of the audience unable to return to their own homes just to give way for your film to be shot? Are you still hoping that they would go to the cinema to buy a ticket for your movie?”



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