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Han Zhuoli said sarcastically, “Your production crew sure is amazing. You guys can even block off an entire road.”

It suddenly clicked in Liang Chengbing’s mind and he instantly stood up in shock from his chair.

“Director Liang?”

Han Zhuoli could hear the rather chaotic noises from the other end of the line.

Liang Chengbing naturally didn’t reply to them and hurriedly asked Han Zhuoli, “Young Master Han, are you currently here right now?”

Han Zhuoli scoffed. “That’s right, I’m blocked right at the opening of the road. Your production crew sure is amazing.”

This was already the second time that Han Zhuoli had said that.

Liang Chengbing’s legs almost turned to jelly. He hurriedly replied, “Young Master Han, it’s the ones working for the production crew who don’t know what they are doing. Please wait a short moment, I’ll rush over this instant!”

Thankfully, that road wasn’t long. If the road was any longer, they wouldn’t have dared to close it off either.

As Liang Chengbing rushed over, he thought of calling the staff members who were stationed at the opening of the road.

Yet, once he picked up the phone, he finally realized that he could barely even remember any of the staff members’ faces. How could he even remember what their contact numbers were?

He was really all confused because of his anxiety.

Therefore, Liang Chengbing ran even faster. The last time he had exercised so hard was during the sports examination in his final high school examinations.

After much effort, he finally reached the alley. From afar, he saw Han Zhuoli and ran over like the wind.

The staff member who was previously behaving obnoxiously was still arguing with the crowd. When he suddenly saw Liang Chengbing flash by before his eyes, he thought that it was just his eyes playing tricks on him. He blinked and then saw that Liang Chengbing had stopped right before those few people who had previously come over to ask him questions.

“Young Master Han!” Liang Chengbing instantly recognized Han Zhuoli.

When he saw Lu Man, who was standing next to him, he felt that she looked rather familiar, but he couldn’t immediately recognize who she was exactly.

This was because Lu Man’s exposure was pretty little, and she didn’t mingle much within the industry either. If someone mentioned Lu Man, Liang Chengbing could probably find her name rather familiar, but he wouldn’t be able to recognize her face immediately.

That staff member rushed over as well. “Director Liang?”

Liang Chengbing’s face instantly turned dark. “This is the CEO of the Han Corporation, Young Master Han!”

That staff member was shocked. His reaction was fast and he immediately started apologizing. “Young Master Han, I am terribly sorry. I couldn’t recognize you just now. If I’d known it was you, Sir, I would have let you pass through much earlier.”

“You didn’t know it was me, so you didn’t let me in. However, if you’d known it was me, you would have let me in but not the other people?” Han Zhuoli said coldly.

“My mother-in-law stays in Yi Garden. She could barely even step out of the entrance. Now that she has managed to get out, she couldn’t even think about going back in either,” Han Zhuoli said coldly. “Your production crew sure is arrogant and domineering!”

Only then did Liang Chengbing realize that other than Han Zhuoli and Lu Man, there were still another man and woman next to them who looked older.

The woman was probably the mother-in-law whom Han Zhuoli mentioned.

However, that was not what surprised him. What surprised him was that the man was Wang Juhuai!

He already heard the news that Wang Juhuai had returned to China and that he also didn’t have any plans to return to America. There were also rumors that he was planning to settle down in China, yet there had never been any proof.

Reporters wanted to contact Wang Juhuai to ask him for an interview, but none of them were able to contact him. They were all blocked off by his butler and manager.

Right now, how could Wang Juhuai be standing next to Han Zhuoli?

To be more precise, he was actually standing next to Han Zhuoli’s mother-in-law.

And they seemed to be… rather close too.

“A misunderstanding, this is all just a misunderstanding!” Liang Chengbing hurriedly explained. “Even though the original plan was four days long, we will definitely hurry up and quickly wrap up our shoot. According to the plan, we will be able to finish shooting by tomorrow or the day after. Our main concern is that we might hurt someone since we are shooting a chasing scene.”

Lu Man raised her eyebrows. If they were worried about injuring someone, then they shouldn’t be filming it on the roads. They should have gone to somewhere more remote like the suburbs with fewer people around, or even filmed at a set in a studio.



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