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(My Mother-in-law Lives in Yi Garden)

“No matter what, Yi Garden is a high-end neighborhood. It is good that they still have some sense of responsibility.”

“However, they are really going too overboard by blocking off the road. Do they really think they own the road or something? I really can’t understand this. How could something like this have been approved?”

“We couldn’t get out, so Juhuai directly contacted Mayor He. That’s how we finally managed to get out.” Xia Qingwei shook her head. “This production crew is absolutely nonsense.”

“Everyone, stop talking! We’re going to start filming!” a staff member said unkindly.

At that moment, Lu Hancheng and Jiang Guang started a chasing scene on the road.

Lu Man pursed her lips. “This production crew really thinks they are some big-shots.”

The people who were blocking the alley blew up. “You aren’t letting us go home, and now you’re not letting us talk? Wow, you people are really amazing! If you don’t let us go home, forget about filming this show of yours!”

The scene became really noisy and messy.

Han Zhuoli alighted from the car. “Mom, Uncle.”

Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai nodded at him. Lu Man looked at Han Zhuoli, waiting to hear his plan.

At that moment, Xiao Chen rushed over. “CEO, I’ve investigated it. The show is Sounds of Winter. It’s a movie that Music Movement Media has invested in. Lu Hancheng, Gu Liangsheng, Shen Cang, and Jiang Yuhan are the main cast while Jiang Guang is making a guest appearance.”

Xiao Chen specifically mentioned the last statement because just now, he’d heard Lu Man speaking up for Jiang Guang.

Because of the popularity of Red Tiger, Jiang Guang’s popularity had increased greatly too.

There were no particular main leads in Red Tiger. Therefore, everyone had quite a lot of scenes. Jiang Guang’s acting was good, but he’d always stayed unpopular. That time around, Red Tiger had helped the audience realize that he had acting skills. Hence, his popularity increased greatly and he even started participating in quite a few shows and variety programs.

As for Jiang Yuhan, she’d previously participated in The Performer. Her luck was surprisingly really good. Not only did the scandal about the rigging of the results not affect her, it even let the audience notice her acting skills.

Initially, amongst all the currently popular budding young starlets, she with her acting skills was already pretty outstanding.

Because of the attention The Performer had received, Jiang Yuhan recently became a really hot and buzzing topic and was remaining so at the top for quite a while. Therefore, she managed to get the role of the first female lead for Sounds of Winter and got the chance to act alongside award-winning top actors. If not for that, she would never have gotten this chance.

“What’s this film’s director’s phone number?” Han Zhuoli asked.

“Please wait for a moment.” Xiao Chen instantly left to investigate. After he found out, he directly called the director. While waiting for the other party to pick up the phone, he told Han Zhuoli, “It’s Director Liang Chengbing.”

Han Zhuoli nodded. At that moment, Liang Chengbing picked up the phone too.

“Hello?” It was an unknown number to Liang Chengbing. He didn’t know who was calling.

“Hello, Director Liang, I am Chen Xue. Our Young Master Han has something to speak with you about,” Xiao Chen said.

“Young Master Han?” Liang Chengbing was taken aback for a moment. Instead of hearing the person’s name, he was only told that it was Young Master Han. Hence, his first thought was instantly of Han Zhuoli.

Other than him, who else could not report their name and just refer to themselves as Young Master Han?

But why was Han Zhuoli looking for him?

Liang Chengbing didn’t think that he was that important of a person.

“It’s… CEO Han from the Han Corporation, Young Master Han?” Liang Chengbing asked cautiously.

“Of course.” Xiao Chen nodded.

“Sure, sure. May I know what Young Master Han would like me to do?” Liang Chengbing asked.

“Please hold for a moment, Young Master Han will speak to you directly.” Xiao Chen handed the phone over to Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli took the phone over and said, “Hello Director Liang, I’m Han Zhuoli. Sorry for disturbing you by calling you out of the blue.”

“Young Master Han, hello, my pleasure to meet you!” Liang Chengbing hurriedly said. “No, not at all, you’re not disturbing me at all. Young Master Han, may… may I know what the matter is?”

Han Zhuoli said calmly, “You have blocked off the only road out of Yi Garden. My mother-in-law lives in Yi Garden. My wife and I can’t even get in to visit her.”



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