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(Being Unreasonable)

“And how many days has this road been blocked?” Xiao Chen asked further.

The person grew impatient. “Today’s only the first. Y’all go through the other way.”

“What other way? We stay in this neighborhood and you’ve blocked our road. Are you not allowing us to go home?” Xiao Chen was displeased.

The car he drove today was not Han Zhuoli’s usual Mulsanne.

The Mulsanne was parked in the garage of Han Zhuoli’s villa. Since Xiao Chen came straight from the company, he drove the company’s Audi.

This Audi was used to ferry any clients who came to their company.

This Audi looked inconspicuous.

Especially in B City, which was brimming with famous personalities, from politics to entertainment and the rich, driving an Audi would not turn any heads.

In the eyes of the person opposite him, Xiao Chen might as well have been driving an Alto.

“So you expect us to park the car somewhere and walk there?” Xiao Chen said.

The person actually sneered. “I said, there’s a road blockage here, don’t you understand? Blockage. That means no one can pass, be it by walking or by car. You just can’t pass through here!”

The person pointed at the surroundings. “Look. Did anyone come over? Not even a pedestrian can pass.”

“So we just can’t go home? Moreover, what about those staying in there? They’re stuck in there and not allowed to come out?” Xiao Chen fumed.

The person said arrogantly, “That’s not my problem. Our crew is filming, so those staying here just have to cooperate. Just for four days.”

Right then, a cab stopped and a young man hurried out.

“I’m sorry, could you do me a favor and let me pass? I’d left a document at home and it’s extremely important. I have to get it,” the young man said.

The young man worked in B City and, with good work ethics, had managed to achieve something for himself. He enjoyed a good income and, with his increased savings, had improved his lodgings every year until he finally managed to rent a studio apartment in this neighborhood.

It might be small, but the environment and security were great.

“No way!” the person said without thinking.

The traffic police had cordoned off the area, and two of them walked over.

The young man hurriedly explained, “I was told that there will be a road blockage here when I went for work this morning, but I didn’t put it to heart since I was rushing. I thought that since it was only for four days, I could stay in a hotel temporarily.”

After working in B City for so many years, the young man was used to road blockages.

Wasn’t Chang’an Street blocked almost every day?

Though he had wondered why this road got blocked, he did not bother ask.

“But I realized that I forgot about the document only when I reached the office. There’s an important meeting in the afternoon, and the document is crucial. The client came all the way to our office to talk, I can’t let the client wait because of my mistake!” the young man said. “Please, please just let me pass, I’ll just grab my document and go.”

The crew member spoke even before the police did, “That’s your mistake, I can’t make an exception and let you in just because of your mistake.”

“You’re being utterly unreasonable!” As time passed, many residents of the neighborhood had gathered over as the road was blocked.

“Is your crew really that impressive? Filming and blocking the road and not allowing us to go home?” someone said furiously.

“We’ve already told you all in advance, what more do you want? Also, the one filming is Lu Hancheng, award-winning Lu! We are filming a few important chasing scenes here so we have to block the road. The filming process and quality will be affected if you all were to surround the place during filming.”



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