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(Who the Heck Would Dare Say She Wasn’t Suitable?!)

Chi Xingrui found it strange. If that was the case, then of course they wouldn’t need her anymore.

Lu Dongliu gritted his teeth and said, “I couldn’t react in time back then and thought that we definitely wouldn’t need her anymore. However, Xu Yaojie’s words reminded me. We might not ask Lu Man for help, but other people would! During that time, what if they overtake our viewership ratings after Lu Man has helped them?”

Chi Xingrui: “…”

Oh, sh*t!

“So if we’d signed a contract with Lu Man for an entire season, it would not be to let her help us with publicity and planning, it’s to prevent her from taking on any other job offers from other production teams!” Lu Dongliu said in reaction.

Chi Xingrui: “…”

The executive director was ultimately the executive director, after all. His mind was always a few steps ahead of others.

Chi Xingrui himself had never considered this problem.

“Oh no, I have to hurry and give Lu Man a call,” Lu Dongliu said as he hurriedly phoned Lu Man.

“Hello.” Lu Man’s voice already clearly sounded like she was extremely tired.

Even though she was just replying to say that she would consider it and give them an answer, there were just too many calls!

She had talked so much, her mouth was so dry.

Auntie He passed a cup of tea to Lu Man to soothe her throat. Lu Man drank a few sips and finally felt much more comfortable.

“Lu Man, it’s me, Lu Dongliu!”

Lu Man was completely not surprised. She said calmly, “Hi, Director Lu. What’s the matter?”

Lu Dongliu instantly knew that Lu Man had definitely already guessed his intention.

He quietly gritted his teeth and dissed Lu Man, the sly fox. She was way too cunning!

“It sounds like you’re pretty tired,” Lu Dongliu probed.

Lu Man would not bother beating around the bush with him and said straightforwardly, “That’s right. Thanks to Xu Yaojie and his statement, all the different production teams got the same idea, and they all rushed over to ask me to work with them. I am currently deciding which one I would like to work with.”

Lu Dongliu hurriedly said, “Don’t think any further, just work with our production team. We are already old-time partners, there’ll be so much more chemistry if we work together. If you work with other production teams, you will have to start getting used to working with them all over again. And besides, unlike us, they won’t trust you completely.”

Lu Man thought to herself, Didn’t you guys not completely trust me at the start too?

“Didn’t you just say that you didn’t need my help with the publicity anymore?” Lu Man asked.

“I wasn’t thinking clearly just now,” Lu Dongliu hurriedly said. “You don’t have to work on the publicity either! You just have to sign a contract with us, and then all you’ll have to do is not work with those other teams.”

As long as they didn’t have Lu Man, those other shows wouldn’t be able to beat their show.

“Isn’t that quite bad? How could I sign a contract and do nothing?” Lu Man was rather sheepish about it.

“No,” Lu Dongliu said while smiling. “It’s just that our production team also has limited funds. Since we won’t need you to help us with the promotion, could we lower your salary a little accordingly?”

Lu Man tapped her finger on the table and thought about it for a while. Then, she said, “And what if you need me to use my brain again?”

“That…” Lu Dongliu was starting to get a headache.

If he did not sign a contract with Lu Man, she would be stolen by other production teams.

But if he signed a contract with her, it would also feel like a waste of money!

Why were there so many problems involving Lu Man?!

“How about this? If you need me, you can then just pay me extra,” Lu Man said.

“Director Lu, we have been working well together, and that’s why I’m more inclined towards agreeing to your proposition—even when I might get a much higher salary if I were to agree to help another show instead.” However, to be honest, Lu Man was also feeling rather lazy. She did not want to have to rack her brains so much every day either. Therefore, she did quite like Lu Dongliu’s proposal.

“Of course, if you think I’m not suitable, I’m fine with that too,” Lu Man said.

“Of course you’re suitable!” Lu Dongliu hurriedly shouted. Who the heck would dare say she wasn’t suitable?!




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