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(So Good?)

When that time came, whatever Lu Man had, she’d have too, and she would not lose out compared to Lu Man.

Wasn’t Lu Man doing very well in the entertainment industry?

At that time, she would invest in herself, and she would definitely do better than Lu Man.

After all, Lu Man did not have as big of a funding as she did.

Wasn’t Lu Man supposed to have rich in-laws?

She did not believe that they would be better than the He Family.

She would marry He Zhengbai, and even her in-laws and her marriage would be much better than Lu Man’s!

The bit of endurance she had to exercise right now was really not much.

Compared to this holding back for the moment, Lu Man had held back for more than ten years.

Being an invisible person in the Lu Family, pretending to be full of fealty and duty with no anger, she’d put on a helpless act.

After holding back for so long, she showed her true colors in one shot, using waves and waves of schemes to hit them until they had no ability to fight back.

Lu Man could hold back for over ten years. Holding back for this short while was nothing much.

“Alright.” Lu Qi finally nodded.

Xia Qingyang let out a breath of relief and turned her head back to look at Lu Qiyuan.

She had love in her eyes for Lu Qiyuan, but they also had strong greed.

In the end, this greed won over her love for Lu Qiyuan.


When Han Zhuoli was still in the company, he received Chu Zhaoyang’s phone call and found out that Lu Qiyuan had a brain hemorrhage and was sent to the hospital.

Although Lu Qiyuan did not get sent to Chu Tian Hospital, the Chu family did not have only that one company as their personal fief. They had long spread out throughout the whole medical field.

Because of that, even if Lu Qiyuan did not check in to Chu Tian, it could not be hidden from Chu Zhaoyang.

After Han Zhuoli found out, he just kept it to himself, not planning on telling Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingwei was doing well with Wang Juhuai now. Suddenly telling her about her ex-husband, even if Xia Qingwei did not care about him, Wang Juhuai would probably feel uncomfortable.

As for Lu Man, she probably would not even attend Lu Qiyuan’s funeral.

Because he had promised to not hide anything from her, Han Zhuoli was planning on telling Lu Man about this situation.

After returning home from the company, he had just opened the door when Lu Man heard the sounds and waited at the doorway.

Because she was considering that Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai were currently in their honeymoon period, even if Lu Man was bored in the daytime, she would not go and find Xia Qingwei, scared to disturb the two of them.

Because of that, recently, she had always been properly staying at home.

It was rare for Han Zhuoli to see Lu Man as soon as he returned home, standing near the doorway, and even preparing the indoor slippers for him.

“So good?” Han Zhuoli smiled lightly, not caring to change his shoes. He first pinched her lower jaw and then leaned over to kiss her lips.

Lu Man felt very wrongly accused and defended herself. “I’m good every day!”

It was just that she was a bit bored.

Not being able to go and visit Xia Qingwei, she would go and visit Zheng Yuan and the rest to go out and sit or to watch a movie or something.

However, Zheng Yuan and the other two also made use of the holiday to take up some small activities, to either go to the mall and be a guiding lady there, to model in the online shop, to take some pictures, or something else.

The company did not allow students to privately accept shows before Year Three, but for them to make use of the holiday to earn an extra buck, they were not against.

Zheng Yuan and the other two were all not from B City and had returned home to spend the New Year there before returning to B City to find job opportunities.

By accepting more modeling jobs, they could increase their possible career paths in the future.

Because the three of them were busier than she was right now, she became the one with the most free time, and even if she was bored, she could not keep looking for them.

She accepted the public relations job from Classic X Files, but she did not need to do anything. It was fine as long as she did not help other companies do public relations.

Based on what Han Leilei said, right now, she was properly sleeping until she woke up naturally, counting money until her hands cramped, and yet still not needing to do anything.



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