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(Mother-and-Daughter Plot)

“Well, remember to come back,” Xia Qingyang worriedly instructed.

Lu Qi sent He Zhengbai to the hospital carpark. “If not for my father’s illness, I would not want to be separated from you.”

He Zhengbai comforted her, “You should go back soon and accompany him. Uncle may wake up at any moment. Auntie and you are the most important to him. If he does not see you when he wakes up, he will definitely take issue with you.”

“What is the point of staying by his side? Lu Man is strongly against him and yet he still decided to leave one half of his estate to her,” Lu Qi murmured.

He Zhengbai understood what he heard. His eyebrows moved slightly. “Then you would just leave Uncle to do as he pleases? The ones who have always stayed by Uncle’s side are you two! How does Lu Man have a part in this? She has also angered Uncle until he suffered a brain hemorrhage. Is there a need to give her a part of his estate? This is too good a bargain for her.”

Lu Qi held He Zhengbai’s hand. “Big Brother He, don’t worry, everything in the Lu Family belongs to me!”

He Zhengbai smiled and said, “I just feel that it is unfair for you. All these should have belonged to you.”

He paused and said, “I just heard from the doctor. Uncle’s surgery was very successful. It is likely that after he wakes up and recovers, he will be the same as before. You two need not worry. However, it was still a serious illness. Even if he were to recover, that would take time. During his recovery process, he would definitely be unable to handle the company’s affairs. If you or Auntie needs any help, let me know.”

Lu Qi’s eyes lit up. That’s right, wasn’t He Zhengbai here as well?

When she had accidentally injured the director Lu Hanli, it was He Zhengbai who helped her settle it.

Even for incidents like that, He Zhengbai could always help her. What more now?

If He Zhengbai knew for certain that half of the Lu Corporation was in her hands, he would definitely be even more loyal to her.

Lu Qi smiled and nodded. “My mom and I don’t know anything. We may need to depend on Big Brother He.”

He Zhengbai had a gentle expression. “Rest assured, your matters are my matters.”

After sending He Zhengbai off, Lu Qi walked briskly to the ward.

She met quite a number of people along the way, but no one recognized her.

However, this minor episode could not affect her good mood.

After entering the ward and seeing Lu Qiyuan still unconscious, Lu Qi asked Xia Qingyang, “Mom, the doctor said that dad will recover well, so we can carry out only the first plan. As to how to transfer the assets without raising any alarm, do you have any solution? After all, after Dad recovers, he will look over the company’s accounts. We can’t turn against him so quickly, right? It is better to do it quietly so he does not notice.”

Xia Qingyang was suddenly stuck. She thought that the plan was quite good, but she did not know anything. When it came to the actual implementation, she was at a loss.

Lu Qi took the opportunity to suggest, “Why don’t we let Big Brother He help?”

Xia Qingyang subconsciously felt that it was not feasible. “He’s an outsider. How can we let him manage?”

“It is not like the assets are going to be transferred to Big Brother He’s name. We will just let him help to transfer the assets quietly and not let Dad realize that the transfer was to our names. How is it not feasible?” Lu Qi said. “Mom, don’t forget, when I accidentally injured Director Lu Hanli, it was Big Brother He who helped me keep it under wraps.”

Lu Qi was anxious to let He Zhengbai help because she had another motive, which was to let He Zhengbai transfer all the assets to her name and exclude Xia Qingyang.

Anyway, in this respect, Xia Qingyang did not know anything, so Lu Qi would just need to come up with a hoax to mislead Xia Qingyang into thinking that she also had assets under her name.



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