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(Such a Good Life)

The one who took the greatest loss was, of course, the sponsor of The Performer, the Lu Corporation.

Lu Qiyuan saw the news about The Performer announcing that they would stop airing, and his blood pressure immediately shot up. His entire body froze on the spot. He was so livid that the blood rushed to his brain. His whole face was all bloated red and distorted. It was a terrifying sight.

Xia Qingyang started to prepare for seizing the opportunity to throw in a few words to diss Lu Man so that Lu Qiyuan would go and make trouble for her.

Right now, she had already started planning for after Lu Qiyuan’s death. Lu Man was his daughter, so by right, she could inherit part of his inheritance.

However, Xia Qingyang didn’t plan on giving Lu Man a single cent.

As to why she was having such thoughts now and why she was so anxious and had started preparing so early, that was all because back when she tried to scout the situation from Lu Qiyuan, she realized to her surprise that despite everything, despite how Lu Qiyuan did seem as though he completely did not consider Lu Man to be his daughter—as if she was a b*stard child that Xia Qingwei secretly had behind his back—Lu Qiyuan was still intending to give part of his inheritance to Lu Man.

Moreover, he was going to let Lu Man and Lu Qi each receive half!

How could Lu Man deserve to get half?!

Lu Qiyuan’s everything should belong to Lu Qi and her. It should have nothing to do with Lu Man!

Moreover, Lu Man was already so wealthy now. She even heard that Lu Man had found a wealthy in-law. She completely didn’t need Lu Qiyuan’s money.

On the other hand, Lu Qi’s career was on hiatus now because of Lu Man. And yet, Lu Qiyuan did not even think about helping Lu Qi. He just held on to his money and didn’t care about Lu Qi’s career at all!

And now, after his death, he still wanted to give Lu Man a share of what should rightfully belong to Lu Qi!

Xia Qingwei had now also managed to latch on to Wang Juhuai. Lu Man and her mother really had nothing to worry about anymore.

Why couldn’t Lu Qiyuan consider what would happen to her and Lu Qi after his death?

The two of them were the ones who really had no one else to rely on.

Ultimately, Lu Qiyuan still couldn’t let go of Xia Qingwei in his heart. He was still thinking about that b*tch!

Xia Qingyang begrudgingly thought, Why, even after so long, even after 20 long years, couldn’t I beat Xia Qingwei? Why do I still have to live in Xia Qingwei’s shadow?

When they were younger, Wang Juhuai only had eyes for Xia Qingwei and didn’t like her at all. One could even say that he hated her.

Eventually, she finally managed to snatch Lu Qiyuan from Xia Qingwei after much effort.

But after they got married, only she knew what kind of life she’d led.

Lu Qiyuan was really not a smart man. It was only much later that she finally realized that Lu Qiyuan could be so successful all because of Xia Qingwei.

Without Xia Qingwei, Lu Qiyuan was nothing.

On the surface, he seemed all successful and impressive, running his big company. But in reality, the company’s profits were decreasing day by day.

Such a change was happening really slowly; it wasn’t so easily noticeable.

However, right now, the company was on the brink of collapse. It was difficult to not notice.

She could still remember how, back when Lu Qiyuan was still with Xia Qingwei, the company was slowly improving day by day.

That made her really envy Xia Qingwei’s life.

Yet right now, Xia Qingwei was already this old but she could still remain unforgettable in Wang Juhuai’s eyes. The two of them had surprisingly gotten together again.

How could Xia Qingwei have such a good life?!

In the first half of her life, she was pampered and loved by her father, and she managed to live as a rich wife.

In the second half of her life, she even had Wang Juhuai to love her, and she was still living such a posh and wealthy life.

On the other hand, look at her. Her life was only getting more and more difficult.

Back when she was with her ex-husband, and even now when she was with Lu Qiyuan, it was always the same.

Therefore, Xia Qingyang definitely couldn’t let Lu Man receive a single cent from Lu Qiyuan.

“Qiyuan, I think that Lu Man did this on purpose. Why would she not target any other show but only target The Performer? Why would she not target The Performer before and only did so after you became the program’s sponsor? It was only then that she started going after The Performer relentlessly, hitting them down until they finally stopped airing.” Xia Qingyang seized the opportunity and talked endlessly. “Qiyuan, I think—”



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