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“Then why can’t you guys go elsewhere to film?! Why do you have to come here and disturb our lives?” someone questioned.

“You’re not even filming now, the road is empty! Why aren’t you letting us pass?!”

All of the cast members were resting in the car.

Xiao Chen returned to the car and reported the situation to Han Zhuoli.

“The other party is dead-set on not letting us pass through,” Xiao Chen said after explaining the situation.

“Which production crew is it and what show are they filming?” Han Zhuoli asked. “You mentioned just now that it’s Lu Hancheng who is filming?”

“Yes, today’s scene is Lu Hancheng and Jiang Guang’s show,” Xiao Chen replied.

“Jiang Guang? Brother Jiang?” Lu Man was surprised and explained to Han Zhuoli, “Jiang Guang is a senior in the industry who filmed Red Tiger with me. He’s a pretty good guy.”

“This has nothing to do with the actors. It’s the director and production crew who are blocking off the roads,” Han Zhuoli said so that Lu Man wouldn’t worry. Then, he said to Xiao Chen, “Go and check it out, find out what show Lu Hancheng is currently filming.”

Han Zhuoli was already really busy. He had tons of work he had to keep an eye on too, so naturally, he wouldn’t be so clear about who was currently filming what.

“Yes,” Xiao Chen replied and left to check it out.

At that moment, a car drove out from the road that was sealed off.

The people who were stuck at the alley were instantly very unhappy. “Didn’t you say that you blocked the road so that cars can’t pass through? Why is that car able to pass through?”

“Stop that car!” a staff member shouted, and instantly, all the staff members in the production team rushed to stop the car together.

Just as the car stopped, the police received a call. They headed over and said, “This is Wang Juhuai, Mr. Wang. The mayor just personally called our team and told us not to stop Mr. Wang.”

After hearing that, the staff members awkwardly left.

Lu Man got off the car to figure out what was happening. She did not forget to wear a baseball cap and a pair of golden-framed spectacles that didn’t have any degree in it. While not everyone might recognize her, she still felt that it was better to be safe than sorry.

Wang Juhuai drove the car over. Xia Qingwei immediately recognized her. “It’s Man Man!”

Strangers might not recognize Lu Man from her disguise, but how could Xia Qingwei not recognize her?

Upon hearing that, Wang Juhuai stopped the car by the side of the road. Xia Qingwei opened the door and got off the car.

Once Lu Man saw her, she hurriedly rand over. “Mom, what exactly is going on right now?”

Xia Qingwei turned towards the crowd and the ruckus going on at the alley and explained to Lu Man, “It’s something that just started happening this morning. A production crew suddenly wanted to come over to film their show and sealed off the road right in front of the neighborhood. They are giving the residents in this neighborhood one hour to leave. In the next four days, they can’t pass through this road.”

“When this incident first happened, Juhuai and I both didn’t know about it yet. There were still enough food at home, and I didn’t head to the supermarket either, so Juhuai and I just stayed at home. It was not until just now when I had to head for class and Juhuai was giving me a lift that we were informed that we couldn’t take this road when we reached the entrance.”

Not far away, amongst the people who were blocking the alley, a lady in her forties or fifties said, “I just heard that the production crew even wanted to go into Yi Garden to film as the scenery there is famous for being really nice. However, the property management at Yi Garden refused and so the production crew could only film at the road outside.”

Yi Garden was the name of the neighborhood that Xia Qingwei was currently living in.

That statement attracted Lu Man’s attention. Right then, she overheard someone else saying, “The property management did well. They didn’t forsake the welfare of the residents for the sake of that little bit of money. What would have happened if they actually did let the production crew in? Wouldn’t the neighborhood be in a huge mess? Right now, they are blocking off the road. If they’d entered the neighborhood, would they even have blocked off the entire neighborhood?”



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