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(Drop in Intelligence)

Lu Man wrapped her hands around Han Zhuoli’s neck and raised her head to kiss him on his lips. She even gently bit down on them with a twinkle in her eyes. “So many ladies like you. Dai Yiran would even go to jail for you. And yet you are mine, for which I am very satisfied.”

“Let us satisfy each other.” Han Zhuoli laughed slightly and pinned Lu Man down.

The more Han Zhuoli thought about how she dealt with others with such composure and spunk that riled them up, the more excited he became. It was almost as if he was filled with inexhaustible energy.

In the end, Lu Man slumped wearily into Han Zhuoli’s embrace. Han Zhuoli lay on his back. Both of them could feel the rise and fall of each other’s chest as they breathed.

As Lu Man recalled the incident where she squashed Han Zhuoli by sleeping in his arms until he was numb, she turned over to leave.

Who’d have thought that Han Zhuoli would pin her down and immobilize her?

“Don’t squash me until I am numb,” Lu Man said helplessly.

“That, I am happy to do.” Han Zhuoli placed his hands on her back, his fingers unconsciously twirling her hair.

The sensation within this moment where the brain was still in a slight daze was exceptionally good.

“I just remembered something,” Han Zhuoli said suddenly.

Just as Lu Man was behaving oddly, Han Zhuoli scooped her up and placed her to one side. He rolled off the bed and squatted in front of the bedside cabinet.

Inside the cabinet was a safe.

Lu Man: “…”

She saw Han Zhuoli skillfully enter the password, open the door of the safe, and retrieve two marriage certificates.

Lu Man: “…”

“You stored the marriage certificates in the safe?” Lu Man asked.

What kind of scheme was this?

Unexpectedly, Han Zhuoli nodded in all seriousness. “I’m afraid that you will take the marriage certificate to file for divorce.”

Lu Man: “…”

“Firstly, I know the passcode to the safe. Secondly, filing for divorce requires that both parties carry out.” Lu Man lifted her finger and said, “Also, is it okay that you are thinking about divorce when you just got married?”

Han Zhuoli suddenly felt that his level of intelligence appeared to have declined after getting married.

Was this the slackening that comes after getting a wife?

“I am taking precautions.” Han Zhuoli pushed his chest out and pretended to be confident as though he had thought about it beforehand.

Lu Man went over and lay on the side of the bed. With one hand propping her chin, she was very close to Han Zhuoli’s face. “Furthermore, with such a great husband like you, I would not want to get a divorce. It’s not like I am stupid. Many people are envious of me. I am so lucky to have met you and married you. I will definitely treasure this blessing. Why would I get a divorce?”

Lu Man extended her hand and pinched Han Zhuoli’s ear to pull him over.

Despite being a CEO, Han Zhuoli, at this moment where he was being controlled by his wife, had no image to maintain before Lu Man.

“You are not allowed to let your thoughts run wild and spout nonsense. I will not divorce you!” The word “divorce” seemed to have touched a nerve with Lu Man, as it had become a taboo topic for her. Lu Man hurriedly let out “pei pei” sounds. “No, you are not allowed to even speak of the word!”

Lu Man stared at him listlessly. It was all Han Zhuoli’s fault for bringing this up for no rhyme or reason.

Han Zhouli took back the marriage certificate. He grabbed Lu Man’s hand again and began analyzing and comparing.

“What are you looking at?” Lu Man asked curiously.

“I am thinking about which pose is better.” Han Zhuoli grabbed Lu Man’s hand and flipped it back and forth to analyze it.

Finally, he left the back of Lu Man’s hand facing up while grabbing the certificate.



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