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(Why Go to Chu Tian? It Is So Expensive)

Xia Qingyang’s voice stopped short. Lu Qiyuan’s condition did not appear normal.

That flushed face looked like it could explode at any time.

His entire body was very stiff. He looked straight ahead.

Suddenly, Lu Qiyuan fell backwards.

Xia Qingyang was shocked. “Qiyuan!”

She rushed over screaming but was a step too slow. Lu Qiyuan had slammed into the ground with a “bang.”

The back of his head smashed into the ground and even rebounded back up.

Hearing that heavy “bang” sound, Xia Qingyang could feel the back of her head starting to hurt as well.

She was not sure whether Li Qiyuan had already fainted or fainted after the fall.

He was now unconscious.

Xia Qingyang’s heavy-handed slaps to his face did not work.

Thankfully, his heart was still beating and he was still breathing.

Xia Qingyang shouted nervously, “Someone come over! Someone come quickly!”

The helper heard her voice and rushed over. When she saw Li Qiyuan on the ground, she shouted nervously, “Sir!”

“What do we do? What do we do?!” Xia Qingyang shouted frantically. Except for shouting in panic, everything else seemed useless.

The helper was calmer than she was. She called the ambulance.

“Madam, we are not sure of Sir’s condition, so it is best not to move him for now. It would be bad if any movement worsened his condition,” the helper reminded her, her words crass but reasonable.

At this time, Xia Qingyang listened to her and stopped moving him.

She paced the room anxiously and checked on Li Qiyuan from time to time to see if he had regained consciousness.

Not long after, the ambulance arrived.

The medical staff conducted a simple check on Lu Qiyuan to determine his condition. After confirming that he could be moved, they lifted him onto a stretcher and brought him to the ambulance.

Xia Qingyang followed. After being in the car, she slowly calmed down and was reminded to call Lu Qi.

Lu Qi was currently with He Zhengbai.

He Zhengbai had already gotten out of the bed. Wearing a sleeping robe, he sat on the sofa in the hotel room, a cigarette held between his index and middle finger.

He looked coldly at Lu Qi. Recently, things between them had not been working out well.

Lu Qi had no shows to act in, and neither did he.

If this were to continue, if he were still unable to produce results, he would give up on his directing job and return to his family business.

However, his family’s business was controlled entirely by his father and big brother. His big brother was always monitoring him for fear that he would take over his big brother’s position.

So even if he were to go back, he would have nothing but a soft job. Sooner or later, he would be bullied by his big brother to death.

Lu Qi had managed to participate in The Performer. However, because of some insider reasons, she received even more criticism from netizens.

She came to him feeling dejected and was hoping to seek comfort from him.

He Zhengbai also coincidentally needed to vent his dissatisfaction and unwillingness, which coincidentally fitted well with Lu Qi.

Lu Qi’s phone rang. She got up to take her phone. As soon as she saw that the call came from Xia Qingyang, she wrapped herself in the blanket and sat up. Spot marks could be seen on the part of her skin that was not covered by the blanket.

Lu Qi picked up the phone. “Mom?”

“Qi Qi, your father suddenly fainted and has yet to regain consciousness. I am on the ambulance, please come over quickly,” Xia Qingyang said.

“At which hospital? Is it Chu Tian?” Lu Qi asked.

“Why go to Chu Tian? It is so expensive.” Xia Qingyang had only dared to say what she said because Lu Qiyuan was unconscious. “Obviously, the ambulance would be sent to the hospital nearest our home, which is the Second People’s Hospital. Please come over quickly. I think your dad’s condition is very serious this time around.”



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