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(Goddess of Public Relations)

Everyone also felt that Lu Man had a greater influence on the results.

For the previous episodes, they had worked the same way they always had. They did not feel as if their workload had increased or became lesser because of those two episodes.

Therefore, no one tried to claim the credit for the success of these two episodes. All of them knew clearly what exactly happened.

Hence, Lu Dongliu said, “Everyone has seen Lu Man’s ability. I will give this feedback to the station as well so that they would be more polite towards Lu Man in the future and not walk the same path that Xing Ke Station did. Even if we can’t form a good relationship with Lu Man, as long as we can still maintain a good cooperative relationship, we still won’t lose out.”

“Therefore, let’s start from our production team. In the future, everyone should be more polite towards Lu Man. Don’t have any reservations just because of her age, her celebrity ranking, etc.,” Lu Dongliu reminded.

Everyone indicated that they understood.

After all, they had personally experienced it. They were different from those bystanders. Their thoughts were a lot deeper.

“Director Lu, the viewership ratings for all the shows across the entire Internet is out.” Chi Xingrui joyfully walked over.

Clearly, even when compared across the entire Internet, their show’s results were still pretty good.

Right now, Lu Dongliu felt completely at ease and wasn’t afraid of being compared to. He smiled and said, “Oh? Come, let me take a look.”

Chi Xingrui happily handed the results over to Lu Dongliu.

Lu Dongliu saw it and instantly became happy.

As expected, the viewership ratings of Classic X Files was leading far ahead, sitting right on top of the throne.

The Performer‘s viewership ratings fell from second place last week straight to sixth place this week. Their ratings didn’t even make it to 1%. It was extremely embarrassing.

“Director Lu, The Performer has announced that they will stop airing!” a staff member said in shock.

Lu Dongliu hadn’t even had the time to tell them about Lu Man’s prediction.

And now, he heard that they had actually really stopped airing.

Lu Dongliu couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.

Thankfully, he didn’t become enemies with Lu Man!

The Internet had already blown up after hearing this piece of news.

Previously, when the viewership ratings of all the programs across the Internet were revealed, the netizens were still mocking The Performer for their steadily declining viewership ratings.

The Performer was getting slammed around by Lu Man.

That’s right, they were getting slammed by Lu Man.

None of the netizens gave the credit to Classic X Files.

From the style of the publicity, all of the netizens had recognized that it was Lu Man’s work.

It could be said that the extra viewership ratings that Classic X Files got compared to their previous episodes were audiences that were roped in by Lu Man.

Therefore, this was not Classic X Files‘s victory but Lu Man’s.

“I feel that Lu Man is already invincible. Whoever she wishes would flop should never think about making themselves known.”

“Yesterday, that style of publicity where it was as if they were pulling customers may seem a little unreasonable, but I have to say that it was very useful. Looks like only Lu Man’s mind could come up with such an idea.”

“It definitely has to only be Lu Man who could have thought of that. The Performer has its own publicity and public relations team. If they could have thought of that, they also wouldn’t have ended up with such terrible viewership ratings.”

“I think that no one would disagree if we named Lu Man the Goddess of Public Relations, right?”

“Although Lu Man is very impressive, isn’t it too much to call her a Goddess in the public relations industry? Don’t forget, there’s still Wei Zilin.”

“However, I feel that even if it’s Wei Zilin who’d played this hand, the outcome might still have been hard to tell. He might not be able to win against Lu Man. The two of them would at most come to a draw.”

“The two of them have never really competed against each other before. It’s hard to say.”

Just as the netizens were in the midst of their heated discussion, The Performer‘s official Weibo suddenly threw another bomb, announcing that The Performer would stop airing for an indefinite amount of time so that changes could be made.

They said that they were making changes, but as to when they would be done doing so, no one knew.



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