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(Being Pressed On Until He Was Numb)

Han Zhuoli was just about to chase her back, but Lu Man happily accepted his kiss and said, “Look at the time now. You rushed back overnight, don’t you know what tiredness is? Hurry and change your clothes and sleep.”

Han Zhuoli was indeed a bit tired, but she was in his embrace, and he could not bear to sleep.

“When the sun rises and we wake up, let’s go and get our marriage certificate.” Lu Man’s words caused Han Zhuoli to totally be obedient.

He hurried to change his clothes and clean up.

Because he was too tired, he did not want to bathe. He simply warmed his hands and legs and went to bed.

Alas, because Lu Man was going to be Mrs. Han when daylight came, he was so excited that he could not sleep.

After a while, he realized that Lu Man still seemed to be unable to sleep.

He was holding Lu Man in his embrace, and he lowered his head to kiss her eyes. “You can’t sleep?”

Lu Man was so happy that she almost rolled around in his embrace. “Yeah. When I think about how in a few hours, we can go and get our marriage certificate, I feel happy.”

“Today, when Mom and Uncle Wang went to get their marriage certificate, I was looking from the side, very envious. I wrote down the whole process,” Lu Man said as she smiled, her soft voice exuding happiness that could not be hidden. “I did not think that they would get their marriage certificate earlier than we would.”

Although it was she who convinced Xia Qingwei, she was shocked thinking about it.

Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei were actually so direct, doing it after they said they would.

They had been reunited for only a few days, yet they actually directly went to get their marriage certificate.

This quickness made it really hard for people to react in time.

Han Zhuoli listened to Lu Man talk a lot and was not annoyed or sleepy at all.

He kept smiling and listened to her speak while hugging her in his embrace. It was like he was hugging his whole universe, and he was very satisfied.

When he got tired of hugging her from the side, he lay flat and let Lu Man lie in his embrace.

In the end, unknowingly, Lu Man got tired of speaking and, as she spoke, she fell asleep first.

Outside the window, the sky was already slightly bright.

Han Zhuoli turned his head to look at the time. It was already 5:15. After three more hours, the two of them could wake up and prepare to leave.

He lowered his head to look at Lu Man, who was lying in his embrace. The cheek on one side was pressed until its shape changed, and her mouth was pouting like a little piglet.

Han Zhuoli laughed and evilly pinched the tip of her nose.

She was unable to breath, so Lu Man naturally opened her mouth.

She looked a bit dumb, which was rare.

Han Zhuoli laughed and lowered his head to kiss her pouting lips.

Then, Han Zhuoli slowly closed his eyes and just fell asleep while holding Lu Man.

Perhaps because she kept thinking about getting their marriage certificate, even though she’d slept very little, Lu Man was actually not sleepy when she woke up at 7:00, having slept less than two hours.

She really wasn’t sleepy at all.

Lu Man woke up, her eyelids blinking as she rubbed herself into Han Zhuoli’s chest and realized that something was wrong.

All along, she had actually been lying on Han Zhuoli’s body as she slept. She had not moved at all, and Han Zhuoli did not put her down either.

She did not know if he was pressed on until he was numb.

Lu Man came down from Han Zhuoli’s embrace.

When she moved, Han Zhuoli woke up.

Just when he was about to turn and pull her back into his embrace, Han Zhuoli’s face stiffened.

He was pressed on, pressed on until he was numb…

Lu Man: “…”

“You’re numb?” Lu Man had no vision to see him with.

“…” Han Zhuoli quietly nodded. Having such a situation happen in the morning could make people quite speechless.

Lu Man could not help but laugh. This situation was too funny.

“Who asked you to keep hugging me and to refuse to let me go? You’re already sleeping, wouldn’t it have been fine to let me down?” Lu Man said as she massaged him.



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