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(Be Jealous)

“Yes, Han Zhuoli is different from the rich second-generation heirs. Look at the news, they will be with this female star today and a different female star the next day. The scandals never end. But Han Zhuoli has never appeared in such news. With him being in-charge of an entertainment empire, these female artistes are more than willing to suck up to him with no qualms about how wild they can be. But Han Zhuoli was never involved in such matters. This means that despite being in a group full of gorgeous ladies, he turned a blind eye to them. Please don’t let this kind of grounded and principled man be too rare.”

“Don’t compare Han Zhuoli with the rich second-generation heirs. There is no basis for comparison. The eight large families do not compare to the normal rich second generation.”

“That’s right. I am not sure who his wife is, or how they met, or why she appeared so suddenly. Previously, I never heard that he was dating. His ability to keep the news under wraps is too impressive. The announcement of his engagement and marriage was so sudden.”

“He managed to conceal it so well. It can’t be that his other half is male?”

“The person above, you better open your eyes and look. The hand Han Zhuoli is holding is a female’s hand. If he were married to a man, would the Civil Affairs Bureau issue a marriage certificate? Please use your brain and think it through!”

“Ah! I am so envious of his wife! With a diamond-grade husband who has that face, no one would get bored even after staring at it for 24 hours a day. Even if he were broke, I would be willing to support him for life!”

“The person above, wake up, stop dreaming.”

Lu Man lay in Han Zhuoli’s arms and read those comments with him.

Even though she could have read the comments on her phone, she enjoyed reading on the same screen with Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man was originally so tired that she wanted to sleep. In the end, she became especially awake, all thanks to Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli laughed as he looked at Lu Man, who did a roll in his arms from time to time.

He reached out to stop Lu Man from moving about in his arms. “Are you that happy?”

“The netizen’s conversations are pretty interesting.” Lu Man laughed until her face turned red.

With eyes that were clouded with a faint mist and with bright red checks below, it looked like dew forming on a peach blossom.

Han Zhuoli liked it like crazy. He lowered his head and gave her a peck below her eyes. It was slightly hot. It was as though he could really smell the fragrance of peach blossoms.

“Seeing how so many people like your husband, how are you not jealous?” Han Zhuoli asked.

No longer was he the man who would not let any woman get close to him during business trips.

Lu Man smiled and said, “It is not like they have any real intentions of doing anything to you. They are just saying it for fun. Besides, separated by the web, they are far away from you. Also, take a look at their conversations, they are really interesting. Although many of them complain about being reluctant or unwilling to accept it, in the end, they would always give us their blessings. Envy without jealousy—this is very cute, why should I be jealous?”

Lu Man lay in his arms and raised her head to look at him. “I will be jealous only of women like Dai Yiran and Wang Qianyun, who have set their eyes on you and are able to touch you.”

Han Zhuoli picked out the meaning from her words and asked in surprise, “So you are jealous of them?”

Lu Man thought, it can’t be that this man was also quite insecure, right?

He was so desperate in wanting to see her jealous.

“Of course, because they like you. They intend to make moves on you and break us up. I am not only jealous, I am also very angry.” Lu Man poked his chest.




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