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(Toothache, Stomachache, Aches Everywhere)

Ge Guangzhen’s heart thumped. “Not very good?”

Xiao Liu handed the form over to Ge Guangzhen. Not only was it not good, it was even worse than that of the first episode.

If it were only because the first episode of Classic X Files had Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin’s support, which caused their viewership ratings to hit the roof and hence affect The Performer‘s viewership ratings, this reason might still be salvageable.

Even though it was rather embarrassing, it was still at least a reasonable excuse.

But for this second episode?

Classic X Files didn’t have any exceptionally outstanding cast. It was rather comparable to that of The Performer.

However, their viewership ratings were still extremely terrible.

Ge Guangzhen took the form and looked at it. The Performer‘s viewership ratings actually almost broke 1%!

Of course, it broke lower than 1%.

The viewership ratings were surprisingly only 0.9972%!

Even though it was only slightly lower than their previous viewership rating of 1.0562%, the reality honestly wasn’t so.

This was the popular variety show that Xing Ke Station had placed such high expectations on, but their first broadcast had flopped while their second episode actually fell below 1%. How could they still call themselves a popular variety show?

Even though Ge Guangzhen had already mentally prepared himself and felt that the viewership ratings of the second episode possibly might not go up too, he still didn’t expect that this would be the result.

This would make him unable to hold his head high in the future.

In the future, no matter what variety show he planned, the station would at least halve the funding they would provide.

With insufficient funds, how could it even produce a good program with high viewership ratings?

Ge Guangzhen instantly felt his tooth and his stomach aching. His whole body was aching.

“Is the viewership ratings for Classic X Files out already?” Ge Guangzhen asked once again.

It was definite that they would have a higher rating than The Performer. Since it received Lu Man’s help, it would be strange for them to not have high ratings.

Right now, all they could wait for and see was how high it could be. Ge Guangzhen really hoped that The Performer didn’t lose too badly.

Assistant Xiao Liu looked at the time. “It’s almost about time. The viewership ratings would be out too there at Dong Hua Station. However, we still might have to wait a little for the viewership ratings for all the shows across the web to be out.”

Ge Guangzhen could only continue waiting.

At 10:30 am, Lu Man received the ratings of Classic X Files that Lu Dongliu had sent over. It was 1.8563%!

It wasn’t as high as the previous episode, but the previous episode would probably be Classic X Files‘s highest-rated episode of all time. For a very long time in the future, they would still not be able to beat that, so they couldn’t really compare these two episodes.

When Lu Dongliu sent the news over to Lu Man, he was still buzzing with excitement and was extremely overjoyed.

“Lu Man, you are too amazing! Originally, our guests for this episode weren’t really big shots. Based on our past experience, even if this episode is within the 1.4 to 1.5% range, it is still within our normal capacity.” After all, after so many seasons of this program, Lu Dongliu would have an impression of roughly what results they would get each episode.

Just because it was higher by only 0.4% than the usual, it didn’t mean that it wasn’t much. There were so many television stations across the nation that all had so many shows. When the viewership ratings were divided across all of them, this 0.4% might not be some heavenly number, but it was still pretty decent.

For the previous episode, they had Sun Yiwu, Ji Cheng, and Du Lin, so their viewership ratings could break 2%. For this episode, even without Sun Yiwu and the rest, they could still maintain a high rating of 1.8% and only fell by 0.2% from the previous episode.

This was already the second-best result ever in the entire history of the program.

If one would ask when they had achieved their best result, it would be during the previous episode.

Lu Man had brought them their two best viewership ratings!

Lu Dongliu couldn’t help but think that if he had let Lu Man join the show for this episode as well, their viewership ratings might even have broken the roof.

Of course, he was just thinking about it.

He couldn’t let Lu Man join the program for two consecutive episodes. That was quite unreasonable. However—



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