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(Can’t Stand This)

Han Zhuoli replied to them one by one, his words revealing the feeling of superiority and contentedness with married life that he had.

Lu Man could not bear to see it.

She knew that he was happy to be married, but she never knew that she had always underestimated his level of joy.

Han Zhuoli rather enjoyed Manager Hao’s and the others’ boot-licking.

He replied to them: “Good taste.”

Then he switched to Weibo again.

Han Zhuoli’s fangirls collectively suffered dashed hopes of marrying him, but they did stan for him still.

They lost their composure upon seeing him post for nine consecutive times.

“He’s started showing off already, omigosh, I can’t stand this.”

“Why is there only her back view?!”

“To protect his wife, I guess. How caring!”

“Can’t see her face, don’t know if she looks good. But her back view is definitely not bad.”

“Maybe she’s a butterface.”

“Commenter above, don’t be salty. You don’t even have the body to be a butterface. Not to mention, with Han Zhuoli’s looks, his wife wouldn’t be ugly either. That’s what I believe anyway.”

“From getting a girlfriend to getting engaged and then getting married, Mr. CEO has started posting more regularly!”

“Are we gonna get bombarded with pictures of Mr. CEO being lovey-dovey with his wife frequently now? Gosh, my heart can’t take it.”

“The first thing he posted after half a year, and it’s about showing off his love. Woe is me!”

Han Zhuoli was delighted upon reading the comments.

He was going to show off regardless!

And it was also because Lu Man’s exposure was not high enough—she had only two movies under her belt and appeared once in a variety show—that the netizens did not recognize her.

If they were familiar with her, they would have identified her only with her back view.


The plane finally landed after a long flight; Han Zhuoli and Lu Man arrived back to B City.

It was a private jet, so they had beds to sleep on and time to shower.

With enough rest, even the long flight did not tire them.

Xiao Chen waited for them at the airport and went up to them the moment he spotted them walking out.

“Let’s go back to your mom’s place first,” Han Zhuoli said.

He was so caring, and Lu Man agreed readily.

Both of them boarded the car and Xiao Chen drove them to Xia Qingwei’s.

They got stopped just before they entered the turn that led to Xia Qingwei’s neighborhood.

The road was blocked; no one could enter.

“What’s going on?” Han Zhuoli frowned. “There are no major events or meetings going on recently, are there?”

There were often instances of road blockage in B City, but that was only on B City’s most central districts.

This was because everyone would need to pass through there to attend any global conference.

But Xia Qingwei’s neighborhood was not in one of those districts. Lu Man had chosen this location precisely due to the ease of access.

It was uncommon to have a road blockage here.

“Why would they block this road? The entrance to Mom’s neighborhood is right here, everyone needs to pass this road to enter it.” Lu Man wondered, “Are they not allowing the residents to pass by blocking this road?”

Wasn’t it extremely inconvenient for the residents who had to work?

It was as if they were locked up, unable to enter or exit.

“I’ll go and ask.” Xiao Chen stopped the car by the curb and went to ask the person who stopped them.

The person did not don a uniform, so he obviously was not a policeman or anything similar.

The person replied, “Our crew is filming currently. You can’t pass through this road or the neighborhood inside during our filming period.”

“How long will this blockage be?” Xiao Chen asked.

“About four days,” the person replied.

“That long? This is the first time I’m hearing that a filming crew can block roads. Isn’t it inconvenient for the residents here?” Xiao Chen frowned.




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