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(We Were Just Joking)

She did not dare to imagine, what if Han Zhuoli had not come back earlier? What sort of thing would she have faced?

Han Zhuoli was extremely angry. Thinking about how, if he had not been here, Lu Man would have had to deal with this, he got more and more angry. He wanted to smash those people and the one behind the scenes into smithereens.

“Surround!” Under Han Zhuoli’s order, Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui came out from the shadows, bringing a group of people and surrounding those eight people instantly.

Those eight people were still gloating, but seeing that so many people had appeared out of nowhere, the eight of them were stunned.

Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui heard what they had said.

After getting their orders, they all threw themselves towards the eight people.

Those eight people were not ordinary street thugs and could fight well, but facing a large number of people, they were at a disadvantage and were quickly caught.

At that moment, Han Zhuoli got down from the car. He had Lu Man sit in the car, and the car door opened and closed very fast. The people outside could not see how Lu Man looked.

Those eight people looked at Han Zhuoli and were instantly stunned.

Didn’t they say that Han Zhuoli would not be here?

Why was he in the car?!

If Han Zhuoli was here, even if they were killed, they would not dare to come and make trouble for Lu Man.

“We… we were just joking,” someone hurriedly said.

Of course, Han Zhuoli would not listen to him. The words they’d said just now made him want to smash these people into smithereens!

“You spoke just now?” Han Zhuoli walked in front of one person.

“N… n-n-n-no…” That person was so scared that he was stammering.

Han Zhuoli recognized his voice; it was one of those who spoke just now.

He gave a cold hmph, then took the bat that that person was planning on using and used his strength to smash it downwards.

That person yelled out in pain.

His legs were trembling in so much pain that he could not straighten his waist, yet he was being held by someone and he could not even roll on the ground.

Han Zhuoli walked towards the next one.

Without waiting for Han Zhuoli to say anything, that person was already begging for mercy and saying, “I did not say anything, I really did not say anything!”

Han Zhuoli did not care whether they said anything or not. Everyone there would not be able to escape!

He held up the wooden bat and smashed it down.

“Ah—” There was a sharp yell. Just hearing it would let one know how painful it was.

“You.” Han Zhuoli walked to the next one.

This person was smart and did not say anything. Shaking his head hurriedly, he looked pitifully at Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli said coldly, “I said, no one can run!”


And so, there came pitiful yells, one after another.

“Let us go, please let us go!”


Halfway, he really did catch those who were speaking just now and gave them another hit.

After he had beaten up everyone, those people’s facial expressions looked bad and their faces were white. There were even some whose pants had a suspicious yellow color.

“Catch them all,” Han Zhuoli said. “First, interrogate them. Ask them who gave them the orders, then pass them to Mo Jingsheng.”

Han Zhuoli looked at them coldly. “If you don’t manage to get the answer out, we won’t let them go. If they refuse to say it, then torture them to death!”

Based on the words said just now, it seemed they could die ten thousand times!

Those people started to tremble until finally, someone said, “I’ll speak! I’ll speak!”

Han Zhuoli did not listen to them at all right now. Who was to know if they were speaking the truth or not?

He trusted the results of only a “careful” interrogation.

“Bring them away!” Han Zhuoli said in irritation. “Don’t let me hear their voices.”



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