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(Debt Collector)

“Of course not,” Lu Qi said rudely. “How could I tell him this sort of thing? It’s just that even if Dad wakes up, he will need a long recovery period. Even if we don’t say anything, Big Brother He will know, and he knows that the two of us have no experience in managing a company. We are totally the kind who will not be able to understand anything. So he said to tell him if we need any help.”

Lu Qi pursed her lips. “The two of us don’t know anything, and we definitely need to find a professional to help. You will feel even less at ease with someone you don’t know. Mom, if we are speaking seriously about this, if we are caught, we will be put in prison. Finding someone we don’t know much about, what if they betray us?”

“Big Brother He is different. We both know each other well. He’s my fiance and is standing on the same side as me. During the situation with Lu Hanli, if he really wanted to sell us out, the fact that he helped me hide the evidence before was also a crime. He can’t escape either.”

Her meaning was that she had blackmail material against He Zhengbai.

As soon as He Zhengbai did something wrong, she would not be able to run if things really were at that point, but He Zhengbai would not be able to escape either.

Xia Qingyang hesitated. “Don’t say any more for now. Let me consider.”

Lu Qi then said, “Mom, think faster. Dad is about to wake up. When he wakes up, we can discuss it again. If we can’t come up with a result even after discussing it, when he is discharged from the hospital, everything will be too late.”

Lu Qi paused, then continued to convince her, “Anyway, the inheritance will be transferred under our names. It has nothing to do with Big Brother He. We will be watching him, so if he manages to get any benefits from this, how would we not know?”

Xia Qingyang was already a bit moved by what Lu Qi said, and Lu Qi continued, “Furthermore, as long as he wants to help us, he is an accomplice. He won’t expose us. Otherwise, it would be over for him too. With Dad’s attitude now, in the future, if I marry Big Brother He, how much dowry could he give me? Why don’t we grab at this now? I would also have an advantage. If I marry Big Brother He sooner, we’ll be a family. What else will there be to worry about?”

Xia Qingyang turned her head back to look at the unconscious Lu Qiyuan. Lu Qi’s words were right; Lu Qiyuan was going to wake up very soon.

If they did not make the decision earlier, when Lu Qiyuan woke up, it would not be as easy to make a move.

It was better to hold the Lu Corporation in their hands while Lu Qiyuan had yet to wake up.

Xia Qingyang gritted her teeth and finally nodded. “Alright, then. When you tell He Zhengbai, be careful to watch your words.”

“Mom, he’s helping us transfer the assets, we definitely need to tell him the whole truth. Otherwise, how can we ask him for help? Should we have him guess?” Lu Qi said.

Xia Qingyang pressed her lips together. “Then you can first test him, confirm that he is really reliable, and in the future, the three of us will be in the same boat.”

“Alright, I know,” Lu Qi agreed with a nod.

After this whole thing was settled, Xia Qingyang frowned again, then complained, “Really, we have yet to get any money from the Lu Corporation and we already need to fork out a sum to pay for your dad’s treatment. He’s unconscious now, and I can’t touch the assets under his name at all. I can only spend my own money.”

Xia Qingwei felt that from the time she met him until now, Lu Qiyuan was practically like a debt collector. “This sort of small thing, it actually made him so angry that he had a brain hemorrhage. Really so useless!”



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