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(This Time, He Definitely Would Not Let Her Off)


Lu Man’s brain was about to explode.

This old hooligan!

Telling his wife these sort of X-rated lines, he was really something!

Lu Man decided to escape from his beauty and poked his chest. “Quickly change your clothes. Auntie He has already prepared your dinner. If you don’t eat it soon, it’ll become cold.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

This little girl, why did she change her mood so fast!

He had thought that he could press her onto the bed and have a before-meal exercise.

Han Zhuoli could only obediently go and change his clothes.

After he’d changed into comfortable home clothes, Lu Man suddenly waved him over.

Han Zhuoli bent his waist and lowered his head, not understanding her as he got closer to her.

Lu Man suddenly pulled down his collar and then bit at his collarbone for a very long time.

But she was scared that she would really cause him to bleed, and so she did not dare to use too much strength. In the end, she only left two red-colored marks on it.

It was not painful, but it caused him to feel a bit itchy and numb. His stomach was clenched tightly, and his Adam’s apple was moving.

Han Zhuoli’s breathing was careful, and just as Lu Man was about to leave, he grabbed her wrist. “Continue being like this! I’ll let you go for now, but at night, you’ll suffer.”

Lu Man: “…”

If she’d known earlier, she would not have provoked him.

Han Zhuoli smiled at her coldly and then reached out to touch where she had bit just now. There were still some wet marks on it.

He roughly measured where the bite marks were on his collarbone and lightly pulled aside Lu Man’s collar to rub at the same place on her collarbone. “You wait.”

Lu Man: “…”

She suddenly wanted to disturb Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai tonight.

Han Zhuoli saw how Lu Man had admitted defeat and instantly smiled coldly.

Even if it was like that, he would not let her get away tonight.

He first helped Lu Man adjust her clothes properly, then adjusted his own clothes and held her hand as they left the bedroom together.

After they finished eating, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man sat on the sofa in the living room and casually watched some television.

The sofa was very wide, and Lu Man slightly bent her knees so she could totally lie on the sofa.

Lying in Han Zhuoli’s embrace, she was very comfortable.

Han Zhuoli’s fingertip lightly played with her hair, then he thought for a bit and said, “Today, Lu Qiyuan had a brain hemorrhage and was sent to the hospital.”

When Lu Man heard that, she lightly stiffened.

Han Zhuoli said, “It’s nothing serious. The surgery was very successful. When he recovers, he would be like before.”

“It can’t be because The Performer‘s main sponsorship was a mess, right?” Lu Man really understood him.

“It really is.” Han Zhuoli smiled.

“Then he was angered by me.” Lu Man shook her head and did not say anything else.

This situation had just been mentioned, but she was already treating it as a thing of the past. Lu Man did not plan to see how Lu Qiyuan was doing.

It just so happened that there was a variety show that Lu Man quite liked today. Han Zhuoli did not have any show that he particularly liked, so he just accompanied Lu Man to watch it.

Lu Man was very happily watching it and did not notice that Han Zhuoli kept looking at his watch.

When it was about 10, the show finally ended.

When the next episode’s advertisement was playing, Han Zhuoli suddenly lifted Lu Man up and ran towards the bedroom. His speed was so fast that Lu Man was tightly hugging Han Zhuoli’s neck, extremely shocked.

She was then thrown onto the bed by him. She had yet to manage to react when she was pressed down by him.

“I’ve been checking the time all along.” Han Zhuoli looked at her, smiling lightly and gloatingly. “Did you forget me?”

Lu Man: “…”

At this time, if she asked him to be more gentle, she did not know if he would agree or not.

The ending was that it would definitely not happen.

Han Zhuoli had kept thinking of how she kept making trouble just now and totally tortured her.

Lu Man lay in his embrace, full of sweat and was panting, wishing she could merge with the bed and sleep all the way to eternity.



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