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(Behaving Dumbly Because of Her Husband’s Handsomeness)

Han Leilei even exclaimed because of this, “Look, this is the importance of being the top talent in an industry! Look at Lu Man! For a future where we can stay at home without doing anything yet still have money falling into our pockets, we need to work hard too, comrades!”

Being influenced by Han Leilei, Pan Xue, that dummy, also held her hand up in a fist, then yelled out loudly, “Alright!”

Because she was too bored, Lu Man really wished to start school earlier.

Han Zhuoli changed his shoes and entered. He first went to the bedroom to change into clothes that are comfortable to wear at home, and Lu Man followed in as well.

Upon entering the bedroom, Han Zhuoli took off his suit and loosened his tie.

His long fingers were pressed on the knot of the tie, and he pulled on and then loosened it.

At the same time, he also unbuttoned two from his button-up shirt and exposed the bit of collarbone underneath his collar.

Lu Man seemed to only realize now, it was not only men’s Adam’s apple that was sexy, even their collarbones were sexy.

Seeing his long slender fingers unbuttoning his shirt, Lu Man could not help but swallow.

Even if she did not look at his face, just those two hands made it impossible for people to look away.

Han Zhuoli fully satisfied the requirements of those who liked good-looking people, good-looking hands, and nice voices.

Unknowingly, Han Zhuoli suddenly stopped his movements. The buttons of his button-up shirt were all removed, and his front was open, showing his chest and his nicely defined abs.

It was just a small gap, but Lu Man could still see the lines of his abs, which were very clear.

Originally, when his tie was still on and the buttons of his shirt were properly buttoned, his whole person looked very proper. He looked like a young master, causing people to remember him.

But now, his shirt was a mess. One corner of his shirt was loosely tucked into the waistband of his pants and the other corner had already been pulled out by him. His whole person looked casual and lazy.

This look was really breaking the rules too much. It was too seductive.

Lu Man herself did not know, but she was looking at Han Zhuoli very intensely.

To speak honestly, she was directly behaving dumbly because of her husband’s handsomeness.

Of course, even if Lu Man realized it, she would find that it was alright anyway.

It was her own husband. So what if she took a few more glances?

Those were nothing. She had done many things with him at night, touching and kissing everywhere.

Han Zhuoli had stopped moving for a while already and was looking at her.

Being looked at like that by his own wife, Han Zhuoli had a very proud feeling in his heart.

He did not snap her out of it at all. He just looked, smiling yet not smiling.

Lu Man kept staring at Han Zhuoli’s hands and only returned to her senses after realizing that he had not moved for a very long time. She raised her head and directly met Han Zhuoli’s gloating gaze.

Lu Man: “…”

“So good-looking that you are totally enamored?” Han Zhuoli asked, smiling lightly and raising an eyebrow.

Lu Man paused, her gaze flitting left and right before she thickened her skin to look directly at Han Zhuoli. “Anyway, you are my husband. Taking a few more looks is not wrong. That’s my personal friendly service.”

Han Zhuoli smiled, went up, and stopped in front of her.

He was so tall, he enveloped her in his embrace instantly.

Lu Man was so nervous that she was breathing randomly. She took a step back, but her back was pressed on by him, causing her to nestle in his embrace even more.

Her soft hands were grabbed by him, and he opened up his collar and pressed her hand onto his chest. “Anyway, I’m your man, you can do anything. Not only can you look, but you can also touch.”

Lu Man’s palm was extremely hot, yet she had already said those words and she was too embarrassed to take them back now. Still, her face was already so red.

At that moment, Han Zhuoli suddenly lowered his head next to her ear. “You can also ride.”



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