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(Being Made Dumb Because of His Foolishness)

“Thank you so much,” Xia Qingwei said with a smile.

Actually, it’s not even something big. It was just an ordinary fight.

So, after having them sign, they first let Lu Man and the rest leave.

As for Lu Qiyuan, he was kept behind.

“They can all leave, but why can’t I leave?” Lu Qiyuan questioned. “Are you doing illegal dealings?”

The police officer frowned and said, “You have a prior case.”

Lu Qiyuan remembered just then that before this, he and Xia Qingyang had gone to Xia Qingwei’s previous home to make Lu Man unable to join the Greedy Wolf Operation team to film. He had locked the two in the house and refused to let them leave.

Because of this illegal imprisonment, the police had arrested him.

With his prior criminal history, their situation now became more serious.

His fight on the streets just now was not something very serious, but he should not hope that he can leave as easily as Wang Juhuai did.

Gu Nian was waiting at the doorway for Lu Man and the rest.

Seeing them come out, Gu Nian felt more at ease.

“Thank you so much for this,” Lu Man said. “If not for your help, I don’t know how long we’d have needed to stay here.”

“It’s nothing much,” Gu Nian said with a smile. “This is?”

“I’m Wang Juhuai, Lu Man’s mother’s fiance. If we had not needed to come to the police station, we would have gone on to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a marriage certificate as planned,” Wang Juhuai automatically said.

Xia Qingwei: “…”

This Wang Juhuai was really…

Was he scared that people would not recognize their status?

Gu Nian was confused by Wang Juhuai’s words, but she finally heard the main point, and her face was full of happiness as she congratulated them, “So you are Mr. Wang. Congratulations, Uncle, Auntie. This is really a great thing.”

Gu Nian saw that Lu Man was also very happy. It seemed like she got along quite well with Wang Juhuai.

Anyway, even if they got along only in an ordinary way, there was still Han Zhuoli.

Xia Qingwei could finally find her own happiness.

Gu Nian was truly happy for her.

“Hahahaha!” Wang Juhuai was extremely happy. “I’ll treat you to wedding candy after!”

Xia Qingwei was about to be made dumb because of his foolishness.

“Alright, I’ll wait for it,” Gu Nian said as she smiled. “If you don’t give it to me earlier, I’ll have to visit you to ask for it.”

“You’re welcome to.” Wang Juhuai totally looked like a good host.

They were about to be married, and he was very happy.

“You guys still have things to do, so I won’t disturb you anymore. It just so happens that I needed to go to the Criminal Squad next door.” After that, Gu Nian said goodbye to Lu Man and the rest.

Lu Man and the other two then headed to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

And on Lu Qiyuan’s side, when the police finally released him, Lu Man and the rest had already reached the Civil Affairs Bureau for a long time.


In the afternoon, Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei finally received their warm and new, just-out-of-the-oven marriage certificate.

Even as he received the marriage certificate, Wang Juhuai kept feeling that it was unreal and kept confirming if he and Xia Qingwei had really gotten their marriage certificates.

From getting their marriage certificate to walking out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Wang Juhuai kept looking at his marriage certificate and smiling dumbly.

Lu Man said in her heart, Mom herself is right there, but you aren’t looking at her and keep smiling dumbly at the marriage photo. Isn’t that dumb?

As he smiled and smiled, the corners of Wang Juhuai’s eyes turned red.

He finally… finally married Xia Qingwei!

Wang Juhuai turned his head to look at Xia Qingwei, then wiped his face. “It’s been more than 20 years, and I finally married you.”

It was a promise that had been late for more than 20 years. He had once promised her he would marry her.

Although he arrived very late, in the end, he managed to do it.

Xia Qingwei’s nose wrinkled, and she could not control her tears from flowing out.

She could not help but nod. “I… I’m your wife…”

When she saw that scene from that time so many years ago, she had stopped wishing she could marry him.



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