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(After All, I Am a Celebrity)

Even after plotting against her own husband, the person who’d been lying beside her, she showed no trace of guilt.

Lu Qi went over Xia Qingyang’s words in her head. She nodded and said, “Mom, I will listen to you.”

Xia Qingyang patted Lu Qi’s hand happily. “With your father around, we can still live a good life. But nothing is more reassuring than having all of it in our hands. Your father holds the company and his wealth and is now unwilling to give it to you to invest. Let’s wait until we’ve transferred assets to us, then the money will be in our hands. By then, would there still be a need to let you attend those shows? We could produce our own film and TV drama and let you be the main actress. We would spare no efforts for publicity, so would you still need to worry about your popularity? Anyway, the money would already be in our hands. As for how to use it, wouldn’t that be up to us?”

Lu Qi’s heart was moved by Xia Qingyang’s description of the beautiful future.

She nodded vigorously. “Yes, Mom, I will listen to you.”

The two of them discussed briefly. Because He Zhengbai was around, both of them were unable to say much, so they quickly returned.

He Zhengbai appeared as if nothing had happened. He did not ask any questions.

“It is uncertain as to how much longer we will have to wait here. Zhengbai, you shouldn’t be waiting here,” Xia Qingyang said.

“It’s fine, I will stay here to accompany you both. Otherwise, with only the two of you here, if anything were to happen, there’d be no one for you two to rely on. If I am here, I could at least be of some help,” He Zhengbai said

Lu Qi was touched and held He Zhengbai’s arm. “Big Brother He, you are so nice. We are lucky to have you around.”

He Zhengbai smiled as he patted the back of Lu Qi’s hand. “There is no need to be so polite with me.”

Finally, Lu Qiyuan’s surgery ended.

Xia Qingwei asked hurriedly, “Doctor, how did the operation go?”

Until now, she did not know whether she wanted the operation to be successful or not.

Ultimately, Lu Qiyuan was her husband and the man upon whom she relied for her entire life.

She was definitely used to Lu Qiyuan’s companionship.

Without her husband, she felt that life would not be complete.

On the other hand, because of greed, she wanted Lu Qiyuan to never be able to move about freely.

At that moment, it was all up to fate.

The doctor responded, “The operation was very successful. It was not very severe this time around, and the patient was sent to the hospital in a timely manner. Hence, there shouldn’t be any big problem when he comes to. For the details of his condition, we will have to wait for him to wake up.”

Xia Qingyang was tongue-tied. She could not say whether she was relieved or disappointed. “This means… this means that after he wakes up, he will be able to recover fully?”

The doctor thought that it was strange how the family of the patient did not appear happy.

“Yes.” The doctor nodded.

Xia Qingyang’s lips twitched. “That is good, that is good.”

Lu Qiyuan was pushed out and brought into the ward where they would wait for him to regain consciousness.

Xia Qingyang had a lot to discuss with Lu Qi, so she said to He Zhengbai, “Zhengbai, your uncle is fine. You should get going, I will be here with Qi Qi.”

“Alright.” He Zhengbai did not insist further.

Lu Qi was not very happy. “Mom, isn’t it inappropriate for me to be here? After all, I am a celebrity. There are many people in the hospital, so I will be recognized easily.”

The moment Xia Qingyang heard that, she knew Lu Qi just wanted to accompany He Zhengbai. “You will not be leaving the ward. Who would be able to see you?”

Xia Qingyang gave her a look.

Fortunately, Lu Qi understood what it meant. Although she was not very happy, she still agreed, “Alright, then, I will send Big Brother He off.”



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