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(You Were Being Tricked by Her All Along)

“Right!” Xia Qingyang said. “You should be like that! What right do you have to exceed Lu Qi? Furthermore, she is your younger sister. That’s what you should be doing!”

“Bullsh*t!” Xia Qingwei did not think that Xia Qingyang would actually say that in front of her.

It could be seen how badly Lu Man had been bullied before.

“Lu Qi doesn’t have any ability, but she still wants to be famous is counting on Lu Man’s help? What sort of thing is that?!” Xia Qingwei said coldly. “Xia Qingyang, do you feel that your whole life is not comparable to mine? Is that why you’ll be very happy if you see that my daughter is not doing as well as your daughter? But let me tell you, this whole lifetime, you never been as good as me, and your daughter has never been as good as my daughter. In this lifetime, she will never be as good as my daughter!”

Xia Qingwei was normally very gentle. When she said that suddenly, even the police were shocked.

What Xia Qingyang hated the most was Xia Qingwei saying that she could never be compared to her.

She herself could not be compared to Xia Qingwei, and neither could her daughter to Lu Man.

Xia Qingyang suddenly asked Wang Juhuai, “Did you know about this side of her? Normally, she pretends to be gentle and someone who doesn’t want to fight, but now, she accidentally showed her true colors, didn’t she?!”

Xia Qingyang gloatingly smiled and told Wang Juhuai, “Her expression and words, do you still like them? You finally know now that you’ve always been tricked by her!”

“I like it,” Wang Juhuai said, not hesitating at all. “Whatever she’s like, I like it. Furthermore, she’s only like that to b*tches like you. What she said about you is not wrong. How am I being tricked? She did not trick me.”

Xia Qingyang was extremely angry.

Wang Juhuai actually called her a b*tch!

Furthermore, was there something wrong with Wang Juhuai?!

Xia Qingwei already behaved like that, but he actually felt that what Xia Qingwei did was great. Was he dumb?

Xia Qingyang suddenly said, “Lu Man, is it possible that you purposely tricked Lu Qi and caused the Lu Corporation to invest in The Performer?”

“Oh, so now that you made a loss, you want to blame it on me?” Lu Man mocked. “I’m just saying, you lost only 40 million yuan, yet you’re acting like you’re going into bankruptcy. You aren’t embarrassed saying that you invested in The Performer, but I feel embarrassed listening to it. If you have the ability to, go and say it in front of Ge Guangzhen, see if Ge Guangzhen would agree that you’ve invested in The Performer. It’s just 40 million yuan, and you want to say you’ve invested in his show? Don’t you know that Xing Ke Station helped to add in a lot of money after? The Lu Corporation being the main sponsor is a joke. Only you feel that you are good,” Lu Man said as she smiled coldly.

“You!” After Lu Qiyuan was mocked by Lu Man, he felt very embarrassed.

Lu Man was even laughing at him mockingly now and looking down on him!

Just as he was about to explode, they heard a voice say, “Lu Man?”

Lu Man turned around and saw Gu Nian walk over.

Gu Nuan was Chu Zhaoyang’s wife.

Before this, she was a member of the criminal investigation team. After that, she resigned and became a member of the “thorny” intelligence department.

Although she was no longer a police officer, she would often come back to see her old colleagues.

And the police station did work together with the “thorny” intelligence department and would often meet up to work together.

The police officers who’d brought in Lu Man and the rest recognized Gu Nian, and they all stopped.

Gu Nian greeted everyone, and then came in front of Lu Man. “You guys are here because of…?”

Xia Qingwei explained in a soft voice, “I had a fight with my ex-husband.”

Gu Nian understood. “You are Lu Man’s mother, right? Hello, Auntie, I’m Gu Nian, Chu Zhaoyang’s wife.”

“Hello.” Xia Qingwei was surprised, not expecting that there would be such a relation.

Gu Nian looked at Lu Qiyuan before her and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll ask my colleagues to let you go.”



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