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(Stay Away from Me)

Sure enough, Wei Zhiqian could be seen saying in a flustered manner, “Han Zhuoli, are you crazy? Instead of sleeping, you wake me up in the middle of the night. Tell me directly over the phone that you have collected your marriage certificate. Letting me know about it from the group, are you ill? Lu Man, come quickly and see if he is sick!”

Lu Man could feel Wei Zhiqian’s grievances and anger through the screen.

Qi Chengzhi: “Oh, you have collected the marriage certificate already. I saw it. Congratulations.”

Chu Zhaoyang: “Congratulations.”

Wei Zilin: “Qianzi has finally said something reasonable. Wouldn’t it have been enough if you mentioned that you have received the marriage certificate over the phone just now? Why have us look in the group?”

Han Zhuoli: “All of you didn’t see my message, so wasn’t it sent out for nothing?”

Qi Chenglin: “You win, you win.”

Yan Beicheng: “Lu Man, quickly tie him up. His illness has relapsed again.”

No matter how these people poked at him, Han Zhuoli felt blissful because he had achieved his goal.

Wei Ziqi: “Alright, we all know that you two are married. Can we sleep now?”

Chu Zhaoyang: “Good night.”

Yan Huaian: “Was just about to %djfl#¥ with Yu Zi…”

“…” Lu Man looked at the screen in shock. “What do the garbled symbols mean?”

The corner of Han Zhuoli’s mouth twitched. “He was probably about to say that he was preparing to have a negative-distance bed workout with Yu Zi. Before he could finish writing, Yu Yu must have slapped the phone to his face.”

Lu Man: “…”

He deserved it!

How could he have said something like that so casually?

Nan Jingheng: “I also have to go to sleep, I’m out.”

Lu Man thought, if Han Zhuoli dared to say “What is the point of sleeping, get up” at this moment, these people would probably charge to his door with an ax to grind.

Fortunately, Han Zhuoli did not continue to court death and allowed them to go to bed.

However, on his own side, Han Zhuoli was still not willing to rest.

He looked at the photos just stored on his phone, then looked at the marriage certificate, and then at the wedding ring on Lu Man’s finger and his.

After repeating this a few times, Han Zhuoli finally opened up Weibo.

His previous Weibo post was still on the engagement news.

He now posted the following new announcement: “From the ninth day onwards, I am a wedded man. Other ladies, please stay further away from me.”

He then attached the photo that was just taken.

If the last sentence were to be said by someone else, that person would probably be scolded as being shameless.

But coming from Han Zhuoli, the statement came across as being truthful.

Lu Man smiled widely as she hugged his arm, her face resting on his chest.

How could this guy be so adorable?

Han Zhuoli was elated, but his comment section exploded.

“CEO, you are too cruel! Your last Weibo post was about the engagement, then after a long period of silence, you suddenly post about your marriage. I cannot accept this!”

“If other people said the last sentence, they would be labeled as shameless. Why does it seem exceptionally cute coming from CEO Han?”

“It is probably because he is telling the truth.”

“But there is no need to say it so explicitly! Back then, when people like Qi Chengzhi and Chu Zhaoyang announced their marriages, they did not say such things.”

“Then he really is shameless”.

“Oh oh oh, don’t say such things about my ex-husband!”

“Ex-husband hahahahaha, lol!”

“It can’t be helped. CEO Han is married and wants other women to stay away from him, so I can only be his ex-wife.”

“However, I don’t know who the lucky lady who has become Han Zhuoli’s wife is. I’m so envious!”




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