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(Not Allowed to Divorce!)

She narrowed her eyes. “You haven’t seen me really jealous. I tell you, I am very scary when I am jealous. You better not make me jealous!”

There were no frightening threats in Lu Man’s words, but the back of Han Zhuoli’s neck turned cold as he listened.

He always felt that if he were to do something to make Lu Man really jealous, he would definitely be digging a big hole, the kind that he could not fill up.

Han Zhuoli was so scared that he quickly hugged Lu Man tightly. “Don’t be jealous, don’t be jealous. I will not make you jealous in the future.”

Lu Man was all smiles as she lay in Han Zhuoli’s arms. She buried her face so as not to let Han Zhouli see the sly smile on it after getting her way.

Actually, given this man’s level of self-consciousness, how could he make her jealous?

She felt safe regardless of whether he was around her or not. She would never believe that he would let other women get close to him.

He simply did not give her any chance to be jealous.

As such, she just said those things to scare him, lest he remained unhappy about the fact that she was not jealous.

Unexpectedly, she heard Han Zhuoli say, “No divorce!”

Lu Man: “…”

How did this conversation end up about divorce?

How scared was he of a divorce?!

“Even if I get jealous again, it will not be to the extent of wanting to get a divorce.” Lu Man hugged Han Zhuoli to reassure him. “Don’t worry.”

Only then did Han Zhuoli let out a sigh of relief.

He lowered his head and kissed her. “Let’s sleep.”

Lu Man laughed to herself. “Well, good night.”

She lifted her head and gave him a peck on his jaw.


On the second day, Han Zhuoli returned to work. His spring holiday had passed.

However, Lu Man was still on winter vacation. She was idle with nothing to do, so she could wake up naturally.

At 9 o’clock, Lu Man woke up because she remembered the viewership ratings of Classic X Files and The Performer.

She cleaned up and finished her breakfast. At around 9:45, she gave Lu Dongliu a call.

“Lu Man!” Lu Dongliu’s current attitude towards Lu Man was exceptionally pleasant.

Every time he picked up her call, it was as though she was being greeted by the elderly in her hometown—he was always exceptionally enthusiastic.

“Director Lu,” Lu Man said as she smiled. “Have the viewership ratings been released?”

“Not yet. They will be released at 10:30,” Lu Dongliu said. “You called this early just to ask about this?”

Lu Dongliu was extremely touched. Lu Man had too much professionalism—she even managed the after-sales support.

“That right. I am also not sure how much the gap can be widened. I do not know what to expect, which is why I am anxious about the result,” Lu Man said truthfully.

“I am more confident than you are. Anyway, it doesn’t matter how far we can pull ahead, so long as we can win against them.” Lu Dongliu’s expectations were not very high.

Because his hopes were not high, there would not be much of a difference when he sees the results.

“You are trying not to give me pressure,” Lu Man said, smiling. “All the more I hope to deliver a brilliant victory. I would ask you again at 10:30, then.”

“There’s no need, there’s no need,” Lu Dongliu said. “Once the results are out, I would send you the form via WeChat immediately.”

“Alright, then, thank you,” Lu Man said with a smile.

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome.” Lu Dongliu happily hung up the phone.

Meeting a responsible person like Lu Man and working together with her made him feel great.

Ge Guangzhen, who was simultaneously waiting for the viewership ratings and becoming increasingly unsettled, could no longer sit still in his office. He paced back and forth.

When Assistant Xiao Liu walked in, Ge Guangzhen immediately asked, “How was it? Are the viewership ratings out?”

Assistant Xiao Liu was stiff and gave a dispirited nod.



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