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(You’re Not That Kind of Person)

“Lu Man, I want to book you in advance. You have to participate in our program’s finale episode.”

“I still can’t give you a good answer on that right now. It is something much later in the future,” Lu Man said with a smile.

“It’s not too far off. There are not many episodes left. Our program only has 13 episodes and we are already in our fourth episode. We still have nine more episodes to go, and considering that we record the episodes in advance, the recording for the finale would be next month. I have already laid down my request. You definitely have to come,” Lu Dongliu said. “We can discuss the salary further. I will definitely give you a raise.”

“Look at what you’re saying. It’s like I’ll only be agreeing because of the pay,” Lu Man said as she smiled.

Lu Dongliu smiled. He was just about to say, “You’re not that kind of person.”

But he heard Lu Man say, “Alright, I agree to do it.”

Lu Dongliu: “…”

So are you really doing it for the money?

Of course, these were all just jokes. Given the high viewership ratings that Lu Man would bring, why would giving her a higher salary even matter? The returns that the program would receive would be much greater.

Just recently, the telephone in their production team’s office was about to explode from all the calls from the advertisers. There were so many new advertisers who were requesting to join them.

“This time, it’s really all thanks to you. To be honest, I really didn’t think that the viewership ratings could be raised so much higher. Originally, my prediction was at most 1.5 or 1.6%.” Lu Dongliu felt that no matter how capable Lu Man was, she still wouldn’t be a superhero.

Therefore, he didn’t have really high expectations.

However, despite that, Lu Man had given him too big of a surprise!

Even if Lu Dongliu originally had some reservations about Lu Man and only felt like he was just giving it a try, right now, he completely believed in her.

“Then I can only say that I will have to live up to your expectations,” Lu Man said with a smile.

When Lu Dongliu saw that she was still displaying such a humble and calm attitude despite achieving such success, he couldn’t help but silently nod in approval.

Lu Dongliu had met many people, so he had seen a lot of things in life.

It was hard for anyone with so much experience such as Lu Man to be so calm and stable, and Lu Man was still so young.

Therefore, other people had always been saying that there must be a reason for her to achieve such success at such a young age.

Some people had always felt that it was only because Lu Man was fortunate. They felt that a large portion of why Lu Man could succeed was because she got lucky.

Only those who had actually worked together with Lu Man would know exactly how strong her ability was. There completely wasn’t any luck involved at all.

Hearing the background noise over the phone through the call with Lu Dongliu and how the telephone in the background kept ringing, Lu Man could guess exactly how busy it was at their side.

“Oh, right, Lu Man, shall we discuss a little about the next episode?” Lu Dongliu said.

Lu Man had already completely showcased her ability to him. She would definitely hit her targets after accepting the job or even exceed their initial expectations.

Right now, Lu Dongliu didn’t have a single ounce of suspicion or hesitation.

Moreover, he believed that after these two episodes, other production teams would also completely understand Lu Man’s ability and possibly already start discussing how to contact Lu Man.

Since they had already contacted Lu Man and they had the advantage of having a good experience working together, he couldn’t possibly give Lu Man up to others so easily.

“Next episode?” Lu Man seemed to be a little surprised.

“That’s right, we will continue working together for the next episode.” Lu Dongliu thought for a moment and said, “Why don’t we just directly sign a contract for the entire season? Rather than go through the trouble of having to do it for each episode.”

Lu Man paused for a moment and asked, “Director Lu, before that, I have to ask you a question first.”

“Go ahead.” Lu Dongliu heard how serious Lu Man’s tone was and started getting a little nervous himself.

“Presently, Classic X Files only has this one competitor, The Performer, right? After knocking The Performer out, do you still need me to continue pushing the publicity? Previously, your show was the highest-rated show during that time slot. It was the highest-rated variety show, and so, even with more publicity, this result still wouldn’t change. So then, do you still need me to continue with the publicity?”



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