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(Car Hijacking)

After the numbness, there came the piercing bone discomfort. Han Zhuoli dealt with it. He could not embarrass himself in front of Lu Man.

“I wanted to hug you,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man looked at the handsome and a bit childish man and could not help but laugh. Turning around, she kissed his lips.

When Han Zhuoli was no longer numb, the two of them got up, cleaned up, and ate breakfast. It was around 8:30 when they finished.

Han Zhuoli rushed Lu Man to hurry out.

“How long did you sleep for?” Lu Man asked him.

“Around the same as you.” Han Zhuoli changed his shoes.

“I did not sleep much, though,” Lu Man said. “You aren’t allowed to drive, then. You didn’t even rest enough.”

“Don’t worry.”

“No, you can’t.” Lu Man did not allow it. “Driving when you are tired is too dangerous.”

“Xiao Chen sent me back in the middle of the night. He’s probably not feeling much better right now,” Han Zhuoli explained.

“There’s still Xiao Guo,” Lu Man said. “Originally, you were supposed to come back today. I was planning on going to the airport ot fetch you, so I had Xiao Guo come over to fetch me. But it turned out that you came back suddenly in the middle of the night. I did not have the time to tell Xiao Guo he does not need to come. He’ll probably be arriving soon.”

Lu Man had just said that when Xiao Guo called, showing that he was already there.

And so, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man went out to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and when they said this, the two of them were especially happy.

Han Zhuoli even especially gave the family house a call. “Grandma, we are going to get our marriage certificate now.”

“Have you already arrived there?” Old Mrs. Han was even more anxious than Han Zhuoli.

“Not yet, we just left the house. I’m just reporting to you now, alright?” Han Zhuoli’s words were full of happiness. As he was someone who was about to be married, Han Zhuoli’s waist was very straight, and there was a gloating feeling in his words.

“Alright, alright, alright. Hurry and go get it. After you get it, bring it back!” Old Mrs. Han said.

Old Mr. Han was listening form the side, speechless. “…”

Han Zhuoli hung up the phone, then called Han Xijin and Shen Nuo. “Mom, Man Man and I are going to get our marriage certificate today. Our schedule today is that after we finish getting the certificate, we will go to the family house in the afternoon. At night, we will return to my mother-in-law’s place.”

“Must it be so troublesome? I heard that Xiao Xia and Wang Juhuai had also gotten their marriage certificate yesterday. We can take the chance to invite them to the family house together so we can all celebrate,” Shen Nuo suggested.

Han Zhuoli thought in his heart—Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei had just gotten their certificate yesterday yet Shen Nuo already knew about it; she really was quite informed.

Shen Nuo sneered and explained, “Do you think I specifically went to find out? There’s no need to at all. Wang Juhuai was like you, but he’s boasting after he got his marriage certificate. You are already starting to boast before you even got the marriage certificate.”

After getting his marriage certificate yesterday, Wang Juhuai had instantly called Han Xijin.

That was why Shen Nuo heard about it so quickly.

Han Zhuoli discussed the suggestion with Lu Man. Feeling that that sounded good, they decided to just do that.

As they finished talking on the phone, the two of them got on the car.

“CEO!” When Xiao Guo saw him, he was shocked.

Lu Man smiled and said, “He came back in the middle of the night, earlier than expected.”

Xiao Guo then asked, “Then are we directly going to the Civil Affairs Bureau?”

“Right.” Lu Man nodded.

Xiao Guo drove the car out of the neighborhood.

A gray SUV immediately followed.

There were nine other people in the SUV.

One of them asked, “Are you sure Lu Man is in the car?”

“I’m sure. The person who gave us the task provided the photo. It’s exactly the same as the car in front, and I just saw the driver drive the car in alone. He was fetching Lu Man,” the driver said.



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