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(Not Picking Up My Call on Purpose?)

Han Zhuoli could feel her worry. And now, as Lu Man was hugging him very tightly, he could feel that she was still trembling.

Han Zhuoli’s original anger disappeared, and he started to blame himself. “I’m sorry, I wanted to give you a surprise at the start. I did not think that I would scare you.”

Lu Man hugged him, using force to press her face onto his chest. “So you were purposely not picking up my call?”

Han Zhuoli suddenly felt guilty. “Cough. I did not think that you would be so worried. I just thought that I should first not pick up your phone call since I’ll arrive home around this time and you would already be asleep. I planned to quietly sneak in, and when you wake up in the morning, you could see me.”

Lu Man: “…”

Haha, this man was thinking very romantically, but the ending was different from what he had imagined.

“Why are you learning how to surprise me? Do you have nothing better to do?!” He was going too far, alright?!

Lu Man glared at him fiercely.

Han Zhuoli: “…”

“I won’t dare to, I won’t dare to, I won’t dare to do it in the future,” Han Zhuoli hurriedly said. “In the future, I’ll definitely pick up your phone call, no matter what I’m doing, and I will definitely tell you beforehand when I come back.”

“Haha,” Lu Man laughed mockingly twice. “That’s what you told me in the past, so I believed it.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

This time, he had really shot himself in the foot.

Originally, he’d wanted to surprise her, but he had scared his little girl completely.

It also caused the words he said in the past to become untrustworthy.

“I swear,” Han Zhuoli hurriedly said. “Really, in the past, no matter whether I was in a meeting or something else, I picked up your phone call instantly and I never kept anything from you, right? I went too far this time, it’s a special case, it doesn’t count.”

Lu Man knew that in the past, whenever she called and asked him if he was busy, when he said no, he was always lying to her.

Because he did not want her to feel bad and to cause her to feel worried about calling him, scared that she would disturb him.

So even though she knew he was tricking her, she could not help but grab hold of it and refuse to let go.

Because this was the man’s goodwill.

Lu Man did not feel concerned about this anymore. Instead, she felt that his body was a bit cold.

“Hurry back to the room to rest,” Lu Man said.

He had rushed home overnight, and he was actually very tired.

Actually, it was her imagining things and scaring herself. Han Zhuoli was actually quite innocent.

When she thought of it like that, Lu Man felt that she was making a big fuss over nothing and blamed herself in her heart.

Han Zhuoli did not let go of her. He threw his luggage at the doorway and carried her to return to the room.

As soon as they entered, Han Zhuoli reached out to switch on the light by the door.

The bedroom lit up instantly.

Lu Man was a bit unused to it and covered her face. She hid in Han Zhuoli’s embrace for a long while before opening her eyes.

Suddenly, she realized something was not right. “We made so much noise, but Butler Xiao Wang and Auntie He both did not come out. Did you tell them?”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

He had originally thought she did not notice.

There was no need for him to say anything. Just from the guilty look on his face, Lu Man already knew the answer.

She puffed up her cheeks and went “hmph!”

Han Zhuoli laughed. This little girl’s temper was quite big.

He lowered his head to kiss her lips, giving her things to do, preventing her from thinking about other things.

“You only know how to be angry at me. Don’t you miss me?” Han Zhuoli asked as he kissed her lips.

“I missed you—missed you to death!” Lu Man hugged him. “If I didn’t miss you, would I be angry?”

Lu Man smiled and automatically went to kiss him.

But they only kissed lightly for a while before separating.



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