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( Can’t Manage to Contact Him)

This man… even at home, he would always work until it was very late.

And now, he was out on a business trip and brought his work to the hotel.

The truth was that he really did not have much personal rest time.

“If I don’t speak to you for a bit, I won’t have the heart to work,” Han Zhuoli said, smiling gently.

His low voice came out of the phone, and when Lu Man heard it, she missed him more.

The voice in the phone was still a bit lacking in realness, and it could not be compared to him in person.

“I don’t have anything else to tell you except that my mom and Uncle Wang had gotten their marriage certificate,” Lu Man said.

Han Zhuoli almost fell off the sofa.

He felt worried instantly.

Wang Juhuai had only just come back and he had already gone to get a marriage certificate with Xia Qingwei. He was really fast!

But look at him and Lu Man—they had yet to get their marriage certificate!

Lu Man could see what he was thinking and could feel his anxiousness through the screen.

“It’s almost our turn soon, just two days from now,” Lu Man said as she smiled. “I can see you then, and we can also get our marriage certificate too.”

“If I’d known earlier, I would not have listened to Old Mrs. Han, insisting on waiting for the ninth day of the New Year,” Han Zhuoli said anxiously. “The two of us could have gotten a marriage certificate a long time ago.”

“I was only telling you about my mom and Uncle Wang’s situation, and look how anxious it made you.” Lu Man laughed.

Han Zhuoli thought in his heart, of course he would be anxious.

Marrying a wife was not easy.

“Have you missed me?” Han Zhuoli asked her.

“If I hadn’t missed you, would I be so anxious to tell you this situation as soon as I found out?” Lu Man pouted. “Even if I’m missing you right now, you won’t come back anyway.”

“I’ll try my best to come back earlier.” Han Zhuoli frowned. “No, I’ll go back tomorrow night.”

“…” Lu Man persuaded him, “I’m happy that you will come back earlier, but let me say it now, you can’t rush so much that you don’t sleep much at night to work just so you can come back early.”

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli nodded. “Actually, the ninth day of the New Year was just a date I roughly estimated. This time, things have been going quite well and I should finish by tomorrow. You don’t need to be worried.”

With Han Zhuoli’s promise, Lu Man felt more at ease.

The two of them chatted for a while more, neither wanting to hang up.

It was Lu Man who did not want to disturb Han Zhuoli’s work, and in the end, she could only hang up reluctantly.


Since Han Zhuoli said he would come back, Lu Man began to do a countdown.

She was not even able to sleep when she lay on the bed.

She had finally reached the next day. By right, Han Zhuoli should be coming back today.

After all, Han Zhuoli had said from the get-go that he would be coming back on the ninth day, and when he said he would come home earlier yesterday night, it could only be brought forward to today.

However, even after she’d been waiting from the morning to the afternoon, then to nighttime, she did not see Han Zhuoli come back.

Lu Man gave him a call, but he did not pick up.

Lu Man could not help but feel a bit worried, not knowing if something had happened to Han Zhuoli outside.

Because no matter how busy Han Zhuoli was, he would definitely pick up her phone call.

When he could not pick up, he was probably on the plane.

Lu Man thought about it. Perhaps Han Zhuoli was on the plane.

But when she called again after a long while, he still did not pick up.

At 11 at night, Auntie He persuaded, “Man Man, don’t worry, Sir is definitely fine.”

Auntie He comforted her, “It must be that he’s busy with something right now and it is inconvenient for him to pick up the phone. It’s already so late, you should rest earlier.”

But Lu Man was not comforted at all. She kept feeling like Han Zhuoli not picking up her phone call was something that was very out of the ordinary.

Lu Man asked Auntie He again, “Did Zhuoli tell you what time he’ll be back today?”



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