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“What happened? My dad’s health was always in good condition. How could he have fainted so easily?” Lu Qi thought it was abnormal, especially since Lu Qiyuan was normally conscious of his health.

Not only did he pay attention to whether the food consumed was wholesome, but he would also take various types of health supplements.

No one cherished life more than Lu Qiyuan did.

“You haven’t read the news online yet?” Xia Qingyang asked.

She knew that Lu Qi had gone to look for He Zhengbai and did not return home for the entire night. However, she did not know that Lu Qi had just woken up.

“I haven’t had the time to see it. What’s the matter?” Lu Qi asked.

“The viewership ratings for the second episode of The Performer were worse than the first episode’s. The ratings had fallen below 1% already and the show was crushed by Classic X Files. Therefore, it was officially announced that The Performer would stop broadcasting indefinitely for revamp. It is still uncertain when the show can resume broadcasting. The sponsorship fees invested by your father have been completed squandered. Not only was there no return in publicity, but we also suffered a loss of 40 million. All of this is because of Lu Man. After your father saw the news, he fainted out of anger. No one knows what his current condition is.”

When Lu Qi heard that, she thought that Lu Qiyuan was only angry, and she was not too anxious.

So, after hanging up, she took her time to clean up.

“What happened to Uncle?” He Zhengbai put out his cigarette.

“My sister made him so angry that he fainted.” Lu Qi pouted as she recounted what Xia Qingyang had said with exaggerated details.

The bulk of the responsibility was pushed to Lu Man.

He Zhengbai raised his eyebrows. He got up to take off his robe and changed his clothes. “I will accompany you to the hospital. It sounds like Uncle’s condition is very serious.”

He Zhengbai went with her. Of course, Lu Qi was happy. If that was seen by Lu Qiyuan, she would also have face as it showed that He Zhengbai valued her.

Because of that, Lu Qi did not tell anyone that she thought that there was nothing major with Lu Qiyuan.

The two of them went to the hospital. Lu Qiyuan had already entered the operating theater, and Xia Qingyang was waiting outside.

After seeing Lu Qi rushing over quickly, and seeing that He Zhengbai was also there, she pulled her lips and said, “Zhengbai is also here.”

“I heard that something happened to Uncle, so of course I have to come and see,” He Zhengbai said. “How is Uncle?”

“They said it is brain hemorrhage. The surgery is still ongoing inside.” Xia Qingyang wrung her hands anxiously. “I’m not sure what will happen or whether there will be complications after the surgery. I have seen how many people who had a brain hemorrhage almost always became partially disabled after surgery.”

Lu Qi was shocked as she did not expect Lu Qiyuan’s condition to be so serious this time around.

He Zhengbai blinked his eyes and said, “Uncle will be fine.There are many others who have undergone surgery and turned out normal. His health has always been good, so everything will be fine. However, especially at times like this, you all have to become stronger. Even if the operation turns out to be successful, Uncle has to be hospitalized for a long time. During this time, it is still up to you all to support the Lu Corporation.”

When Xia Qingyang saw Lu Qi, it was as if she saw some form of support. She came to life and her brain also started moving.

After she listened to He Zhengbai, an idea came to her mind. Her eyeball spun two rounds. She smiled at He Zhengbai and pulled Lu Qi over. “I would like to have a few words with Qi Qi.”

Then, she pulled Lu Qi to the corner of the other side of the corridor.

He Zhengbai looked coldly at the two of them from a distance. The corner of his lips revealed a sardonic smile.

Xia Qingyang did not have to say anything. He already knew what Xia Qingyang wanted to say to Lu Qi.


He’d only hinted at it slightly and did not even state it too obviously. He was even worried that Xia Qingyang would not understand.



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