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(The Target Is Lu Man)

They could not enter the neighborhood and could only wait outside.

To protect his privacy, all of Han Zhuoli’s car windows were tinted such that people outside could not see inside.

So they all did not know that Han Zhuoli was also in the car.

“According to the information given by the person, Han Zhuoli is out for a work trip these last few days and will reach B City airport only in the morning today. With Lu Man leaving so early, it could be that she’s going to fetch him from the airport,” another person said.

“Follow them. Whether she’s going to the Civil Affairs Bureau or the airport, stop her halfway!” a person who looked like the leader said.


At that moment, in Han Dongping’s office.

His assistant Liu Shangke walked in. “CEO, based on the information, the people Dai Yiran had sent out are already following Lu Man’s car.”

“That’s good.” Han Dongping nodded. “Finally, something that gives satisfaction. Before this, I’d told Lu Qiyuan Xia Qingwei’s address, but in the end, that useless being could not do anything. This time, I told Dai Yiran about Han Zhuoli being on a work trip and how Lu Man might directly go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to meet Han Zhuoli, and Dai Yiran finally did something good.”

He did not know why Dai Yiran had sent people to stop Lu Man, but Dai Yiran would definitely not let Lu Man marry Han Zhuoli.

“Although Dai Yiran is dumb, she is more useful than Lu Qiyuan with this sort of thing. She is no longer suitable to be a daughter-in-law of the Han Family. Let her be useful for the last time,” Han Dongping said coldly.


Xiao Guo was driving when he realized something was wrong.

“CEO, we are being followed,” Xiao Guo said, very certain. “It’s that gray SUV behind us. The car number is…”

Han Zhuoli turned around and instantly saw the car Xiao Guo was pointing out.

Han Zhuoli instantly made a phone call. “Help me check a car plate number.”

Han Zhuoli reported the car plate number.

After hanging up, Han Zhuoli instructed Xiao Guo, “Have people gather.”

“Alright.” Xiao Guo instantly opened the car DVD screen and pressed a few times to send a signal.

“Make them follow us at a distance. Don’t let them catch up, but don’t let them lose us,” Han Zhuoli instructed. “I want to see just who it is who’s tired of living.”

“Alright.” Xiao Guo followed Han Zhuoli’s instructions and kept them following at a distance.

It can be seen that Han Zhuoli assigning Xiao Guo to Lu Man was really for Lu Man’s safety.

Han Zhuoli and Xiao Guo did not expect it, but the car behind seemed to be a bit professional, almost catching up to Xiao Guo a few times.

Forget about making it such that they couldn’t catch up while also not lose them—they almost caught up.

Xiao Guo’s face looked serious, and he was concentrating with all his might to deal with them.

Han Zhuoli’s face darkened. He did not dare to imagine, what if it was only Lu Man here and he was not there today?

Xiao Guo’s ability alone was limited. If he was caught by the people behind, what was Lu Man to do?

Han Zhuoli was suddenly shocked.

That’s right, their goal was actually Lu Man!

Han Zhuoli thought that the other party’s target was him. After all, this sort of threat was not rare for him to meet.

Now, he realized that he had actually gotten it wrong, assuming that the other party’s target was definitely him.

He forgot that based on the original plan, he should not at B City at this time. He was supposed to reach B City airport at around 10:30.

And at this time, based on the other party’s understanding, there should only be Lu Man in the car.

They did not know he was also in the car.

Because of that, their goal was actually Lu Man!



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