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(Thankfully, Han Zhuoli Was There)

After thinking that through, Han Zhuoli felt an anger in his heart that could not be compared to anything.

Before this, thinking that the other party’s target was himself, Han Zhuoli was angry that Lu Man had been brought into this by him.

But now, he knew that they were actually aiming for Lu Man.

Han Zhuoli was even angrier than when he thought he was the target.

Who was the one who was targetting Lu Man, and why?

Even though he was Han Zhuoli, he could not come up with an accurate target at that moment.

It was really that… Lu Man had really offended quite a lot of people during this period of time.

There were quite a lot of people whom Lu Man had offended at work, and naturally, there were also people who did not want to see them married.

Han Zhuoli thought of Han Dongping, as well as those people in the entertainment industry whose careers were not going very well because of Lu Man.

But it was not the time to think about this. Xiao Guo said happily, “CEO, everything is already prepared.”

Han Zhuoli nodded and instructed, “Slow down, let the cars from behind stop us. I want to see what they want to do. When they get down from the car and come near us, have everyone surround them!”

“Yes!” Xiao Guo instantly passed down the message.

With Han Zhuoli there, he felt that the situation was under control.

If Han Zhuoli had not come back earlier and there was only Lu Man in the car, he alone was definitely not a match for so many people, and he would have been anxious.

Even Han Zhuoli felt scared thinking about it.

If he were not here and Lu Man was alone, that result… he did not dare to imagine!

Han Zhuoli protected Lu Man in his embrace, and at that moment, Xiao Guo followed Han Zhuoli’s instructions, slowly pretending that he was being caught up to by the car behind.

Finally, the car behind saw the opporunity and rushed up.

The car suddenly turned horizontalluy in front of them, forcing Xiao Guo to stop.

After that, Han Zhuoli saw eight of them get down from the car; the driver did not get down.

Those eight people hurriedly rushed and came over to pull open the car door.

Alas, the car door could not be pulled open from the outside.

“Did you think that if you lock it from the inside, it can’t be opened?” someone said while waving his hands. “Brother, let’s go! We must snatch Lu Man away today!”

“Alright!” everyone responded.

In the car, they saw that the eight people had actually taken out from behind their waist a long bat.

“Lu Man is also a celebrity. Even though she is just a small-time celebrity, we brothers normally can’t even touch one! Now that we’ve met one, we need to properly try how a celebrity tastes,” one of them said while smiling slyly.

Han Zhuoli was extremely angry in the car; he was about to go crazy.

And then, he heard another person say, “Hahahaha, we have nine people. I wonder if Lu Man can stand it.”

“Why would you care if she can stand it or not, huh? Why? When did you learn how to treasure women?” another person joked.

“That’s right, the customer has said that we can play with her however we want to. It’s fine as long as we play until she is injured and no one would want her anymore,” someone said. “It’s rare that we got such a good job. With money and a woman, why do we need to care so much?”

Even though Lu Man was being protected in Han Zhuoli’s embrace, she could not help but shudder.

The words of the people outside were really too disgusting, causing Lu Man to uncontrollably shiver, for goosebumps and her hair to stand up all over her body.

“Hey, who said I’m treasuring women? I’m just curious,” someone said. “When the time comes, let’s compare who can make her feel like dying of pleasure.”

When Han Zhuoli heard that, the vein in his forehead popped out.

Just hearing the disgusting words of the men outside and imagining those images were very scary to Lu Man. She began to shiver in Han Zhuoli’s embrace and kept trying to bury herself in it.



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