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(Let Her Take the Money)

“Mom, don’t talk anymore, Dad might wake up at any time,” Lu Qi warned.

Xia Qingyang hurriedly covered her mouth. “Right, right.”

“Mom, do you think we can take some money for Dad’s treatment from Lu Man?” Lu Qi suddenly asked.

“Don’t joke. Look at Lu Man. She hopes for your dad to die faster. Can we still hope that she would take money out for your dad’s treatment?” Xia Qingyang rolled her eyes.

“But she’s also Dad’s daughter!” Lu Qi was very unsatisfied. “Although this small bit of money for the treatment is nothing much to us, I can’t stand her gaining benefits from us. Oh, half of Dad’s inheritance in the future will be given to her, so there is her bit of money. Now that Dad’s sick, shouldn’t she take out money? Is she just waiting to benefit without doing anything? How can such a good deal exist!”

Lu Qi gritted her teeth and said, “We are using our own money for treatment. That is equivalent to Lu Man taking our money!”

Xia Qingyang felt her heart ache when hearing that, but when she thought of Lu Man’s schemes, she felt defeated in her heart instantly.

She waved her hand. “Leave it, don’t make trouble for Lu Man anymore. We can pay for this few ten thousand yuan ourselves. It’s not a very big sum anyway.”

But the mother and daughter were both cut from the same cloth. To them, this amount was really not a lot and it could not even compare to the price of Xia Qingyang’s bag in her hand.

However, they still kept feeling like Lu Man had benefitted from them, and they felt very stifled in their hearts.

“Don’t make trouble anymore. Later on, you might not even get the money, and you might even stand to lose out at her hands again.” Xia Qingyang was really a bit scared of Lu Man’s schemes now. “We have more important things to do right now. Don’t alert her over such a small thing. It will affect us doing our actual work instead.”

Seeing that Lu Qi was still feeling reluctant to leave it at that, Xia Qingyang could only say, “After we get the money, there will be no need to consider anything anymore. We can properly fight against Lu Man. While Lu Man looks to be very great and hard to defeat right now, it is actually because she has sufficient funding. Those famous entertainment social media accounts she finds to help her post about things, all of them are expensive. Furthermore, she found so many people, and there are even fake accounts. How could she pay for it without a few hundred thousand yuan?”

“But what about you and me? Other than the allowance your dad gives us every month, where would we find a big sum of money to go against her? She’s different. She’s filming and going on shows, and she even has the money from doing public relations. Those are all things she does by herself. What about you? Your career in the entertainment industry has already ended, and from last year, you already don’t have many acting activities. You don’t have an allowance, so we have no money to seek out those fake accounts. Without using such things as public social media accounts, how can we fight against Lu Man?”

Xia Qingyang thought about the future, and her two eyes shone with a greedy light. She licked her lips and said, “So, the main thing right now is not to deal with Lu Man. Let’s first get a hold on as much of Lu Man’s inheritance as we can. After that, we can freely adjust the large amounts of money we have to invest for you to film shows, and it would not even be a problem to create a character especially for you. Then we can do things like Lu Man does, using big accounts on social media with a lot of fans, finding fake accounts, and properly go against her. At that time, we will have a large amount of money, and we can spend it to deal with Lu Man! I don’t believe that a C-lister like her with that bit of money she earns can compete with us.”

Lu Qi finally listened and felt that what Xia Qingyang said had a lot of logic.

Because of Xia Qingyang’s words, she could not help but start to imagine things. There seemed to be a very faraway and great future ahead of her.

In front of her was a large and open path. She would have a popular career as a celebrity and have the Lu Corporation in her hands. She would have a strong union with He Zhengbai. She’d be marrying for love and yet also reaching the goal of a political marriage. They would become the kind of well-suited couple with matching looks and abilities. They’d be extremely suited for each other, causing everyone to be envious.



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