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He did not expect her to fall into the trap so soon.

Lu Qiyuan had it coming for choosing such a wife.

“Mom, what were you going to say?” Lu Qi was dragged by Xia Qingyang to the end of the corridor. She turned her head, only to see He Zhengbai standing far away from the entrance of the operating theater.

It was as though he was aware that she was watching. He turned his head and smiled at Lu Qi.

It was then that Lu Qi said to Xia Qingyang, “What is it that you can’t talk to me about later when we are alone? Why must you pull me away in front of Big Brother He as though he is an outsider and we are hiding things from him?”

“Since your father is in the operating theater, it is inconvenient to talk there. Later, when your father’s operation finishes, it will be even more inconvenient. Is there anyone beside him to accompany him? It is uncertain when he will wake up. If he wakes up and doesn’t see us beside him, given his narrow-minded temperament, he will definitely feel that we are not sincere,” Xia Qingyang explained quietly. This was also why she could talk to Lu Qi only at that moment.

Lu Qi listened and said, “What exactly is it about?”

Xia Qingyang held Lu Qi’s hand. “When I tried to sound out your father previously, guess what? Your father actually has plans to distribute one part of his estate to Lu Man. He even wants to divide it equally between you two, with no bias whatsoever!”

Lu Qi was so shocked that she forgot He Zhengbai’s existence. “Is my father crazy?”

“Lower your voice!” Xia Qingyang covered Lu Qi’s mouth.

Lu Qi took a deep breath, removed Xia Qingyang’s hand, and turned to look at He Zhengbai.

He’d heard her and looked over. However, he continued to smile at Lu Qi reassuringly.

Lu Qi let out a sigh of relief and said, “Is my father crazy? Hasn’t he always disliked Lu Man and looked down on her? From as far back as I can remember, I don’t recall him treating Lu Man as his daughter. Why does he suddenly want to fulfill his responsibility as a father and leave his estate to her?”

“I don’t know whether he has written a will, but this is what I learned from our previous conversation,” Xia Qingyang whispered. “I had originally planned to get him to change his mind. The things that belong to both of us, why should Lu Man get it?”

Lu Qi pouted. She thought that even if Lu Qiyuan were to leave behind anything, it would be to her. It had nothing to do with Xia Qingyang.

Xia Qingyang sure was presumptuous and even said “both of us” directly.

Who would want to be “both of us” with her?!

At most, when it was time for the inheritance to be received, she would support Xia Qingyang, but Xia Qingyang should forget about getting a cut of it!

Lu Qi nodded. “That’s right! We cannot let Lu Man obtain any benefit. She currently has so much, why does she still want to compete with me? She is too greedy!”

“At first, I was still worried! Now that your father has had a sudden brain hemorrhage, it gives us an opportunity. Regardless of whether your father would recover or not after the operation, he would need to be hospitalized for some time, right?” Xia Qingyang said. “Let’s take his hospitalization as an opportunity to take over the management of the Lu Corporation as much as possible. Let’s quickly transfer as much of Lu Qi’s assets as possible to our names. Of course, this is only one of my plans. This is based on the condition that your father can fully recover.”

“However, if the brain hemorrhage becomes severe, it is possible that he will become paralyzed! Even if he is not paralyzed, he may have difficulty walking. With crooked eyes and slanted mouth, an inability to speak clearly, and slower mental capabilities, how is he going to manage the company? If this is the case, then let’s take the opportunity to get him to transfer the company to us. By then, everything from the Lu Family would belong to us. Even if your father were to pass away then, Lu Man can forget about getting anything!” Even though Xia Qingyang’s voice was soft, her words were unexpectedly firm, cold, and calculating.



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