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(Can’t They Just Rely on Their Own Ability?!)

That was almost equivalent to handing over the prized title of first in viewership ratings to someone else!

“So we have come to an agreement then. I’ll immediately get someone to draft up the contract and we should quickly sign it.” Lu Dongliu was really anxious, even more so than Lu Man.

Right now, Lu Man was completely in control of the situation. She had nothing to worry about.

Even if she didn’t agree to Lu Dongliu, there were still plenty of production teams waiting for Lu Man.

Lu Dongliu hung up the phone and instantly felt his tooth ache.

Why did it feel like he was using money to buy viewership ratings?

But he didn’t have any other choice either.

Alright, then, he would hurry up and draft up the contract.

He couldn’t possibly let any other production teams win Lu Man over.

He had personally experienced Lu Man’s ability.

After sending the contract to Lu Man, Lu Dongliu anxiously rushed her to quickly sign it. He was genuinely fearful that Lu Man might change her mind or sign with another production team that would give her a much higher salary.

Lu Man completely didn’t think about changing her mind at all. She smiled and joked, “Since I’ve already agreed to work with you, I won’t change my mind. Do you still not trust me?”

“Heh, it’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that I can’t trust others,” Lu Dongliu said as he smiled.

After Lu Man signed the contract, she directly sent it back via direct courier. “I’ve already sent the contract out. I’ve chosen the fastest courier. You will be able to receive it by tomorrow, so please rest assured.”

“That’s great!” Lu Dongliu was finally relieved.

As for Lu Man, in order to prevent other production teams from endlessly looking for her, she directly sent out a Weibo post.

Lu Man: “I’ve already signed a PR contract.”

She didn’t say who she signed it with. If she said it too obviously, it wouldn’t be good for Classic X Files either.

It would be different if everyone just figured it out by themselves. If she were to say it herself, that wouldn’t be too good.

However, she believed that as long as they saw that statement of hers, every single production team would start investigating.

Of course, as Lu Man had expected, all the production teams instantly blew up.

Tonight, Let’s Laugh Until We Can’t Sleep‘s Production Team:

“Lu Man’s PR contract has already been signed? Who did she sign it with? Hurry up and check!”

Let’s Shape Up While We Watch‘s Production Team:

“Hurry up and check who Lu Man had signed the contract with! Don’t let it be with Mischievous Journey and Travels!”

Mischievous Journey and Travels‘ Production Team:

“Don’t let Lu Man sign a contract with Let’s Shape Up While We Watch!”

Eventually, after everyone had investigated it, they realized that Lu Man’s PR contract was bought out by Classic X Files.

They didn’t need her to help them with publicity; they were merely asking her to not help others.

That way, Classic X Files would still stay in first place.

All the production teams: “…”

“How shameless could Classic X Files be?! Can’t they just rely on their own ability?!” the director of a particular production team criticized angrily.

The assistant meekly thought to himself, But they did indeed rely on their own ability. Even without Lu Man, they were also in first place.

Of course, the audience did not know all of this.

What they knew was, in the public relations industry, Lu Man was almost like a legend. There was nothing she couldn’t accomplish.

While Classic X Files was the one laughing until the end in the battle between them and The Performer, the biggest winner was still Lu Man.

The other production teams had become mere bystanders. Even if they wanted to try and climb up the ranks, they still wouldn’t be able to succeed ultimately.

As for The Performer, they had to quietly wrap up the show. However, they were still not the ones who were most gravely affected.

The Performer might have stopped airing, but Ge Guangzhen could still continue to produce other shows. As for the other staff members, no matter what the results of the show were, it did not have much of an actual impact on them.

If the program were good, at most, it would just make their team seem a little better within the television station.

And if the program were to flop or even stop airing, their salary wouldn’t be affected either. They could just work on another show instead.



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