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(Are You Leaving or Not?)

But now, Xia Qingwei’s expression was gentle as she helped to blow air on Wang Juhuai’s wound, and it pierced Lu Qiyuan’s heart.

Once, when he returned home after a tiring day, Xia Qingwei also treated him like that.

She was even more gentle, more caring, helping him do everything he needed.

But later on, he could not enjoy it anymore.

Now, though, he actually saw Xia Qingwei treating another man like that.

Lu Qiyuan lost it, and he suddenly told Wang Juhuai, “Do you know she has always liked a man?”

Xia Qingwei paused, and Wang Juhuai looked towards Lu Qiyuan.

Lu Qiyuan smiled coldly, full of malice. “She can’t forget that man until now. Even if she is with you, she won’t like you whole-heartedly. Her heart beats for another person. Don’t you feel uncomfortable about that?”

Wang Juhuai was stunned, and so was Xia Qingwei.

She did not know that Lu Qiyuan knew about that.

After marrying Lu Qiyuan, she’d sealed Wang Juhuai away in her heart.

Wang Juhuai was the regret she’d had her whole life, a thorn in her heart, and it could not be removed.

Who didn’t have a first love that they could not forget?

But since she was married to Lu Qiyuan, she treated him well whole-heartedly. Otherwise, it would have been unfair to him.

She was confident she had never let him down.

Xia Qingwei looked at Xia Qingyang and understood in her heart.

It was probably that Xia Qingyang had used this method to slowly seduce Lu Qiyuan, right?

The light in Wang Juhuai’s eyes was flashing and moving. How could he be bothered with caring about Lu Qiyuan?

He could not control the excitement in his heart and looked towards Xia Qingwei.

Xia Qingwei’s face turned red in embarrassment. “Are you going or not?”

Remembering the official things they wanted to do, Wang Juhuai hurriedly nodded. “Of course we’re going! Let’s go!”

Lu Qiyuan found it strange. Was this person dumb?

He had already said all that just now, but he did not mind at all.

Only Xia Qingyang at the side was very clear and could not help but yell in her heart, The f*ck, this is Xia Qingwei’s first love, the man she was always unable to forget!

If you tell that to him, wouldn’t he be extremely happy?!

Wang Juhuai was about to go when the police said, “You are all not allowed to leave. After making a mess of the public order, you need to follow us back to the police station.”

They did not think that just as they were about to get their marriage certificate, such a thing would happen.

Wang Juhuai originally swore that Lu Qiyuan was his enemy and felt irreconcilable hatred for him.

When they reached the police station, they realized that they were going to the city bureau.

The area they had been fighting at just now just happened to be in this area.

Lu Qiyuan, Xia Qingwei, and Wang Juhuai had been separated into two cars just now.

When they met again after getting down from the car, Lu Qiyuan pointed at Lu Man. “Lu Man, let me ask you, you dealing with The Performer, is it that you cannot stand the Lu Corporation doing well?!”

Lu Man raised an eyebrow. “The Performer‘s viewership ratings not being good, why does it matter to you? At the start, when I dealt with The Performer, the Lu Corporation was not the main sponsor of The Performer. The main sponsor at that time seemed to be Wei Feng, right?”

Lu Man smiled. “When the Lu Corporation became the main sponsor, I no longer treated The Performer as something important. Why would I waste time and thoughts to deal with them? The Performer‘s viewership ratings being horrible, causing the Lu Corporation to have to pay the cost of the investment, that’s related to The Performer not having good viewership ratings. Don’t blame everything on me.”

Xia Qingyang instantly said, “If you hadn’t invited Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng to snatch viewership ratings, how could The Performer‘s viewership ratings have become so bad? Even though you knew Qi Qi is also in the first episode, you refused to let her do well!”

“What a joke.” Lu Man laughed coldly. “Naturally, I need to work hard for my own career. Could it be that to let Lu Qi be outstanding, I mustn’t use whatever ability I have?”

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