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(Pulling Customers as Publicity)

“This sort of publicity technique to get customers, who else do you think came up with it?”

Lu Man’s fans happily stood up. “Hahahahahaha, of course it is our Goddess of Fury Man!”

“Publicity techniques akin to pulling customers, this term is very suitable.”

“I’m just curious about the viewership ratings of the two shows tomorrow. They’ve been fighting so much, and from how the situation looks, quite a lot of people changed the channel to watch Classic X Files.”

“I’m also curious!”

Even Lu Man herself was curious about what the results of today would be like.

When Han Zhuoli asked about it, she said, “I have confidence that I can help Classic X Files win, but I am just not sure about how big a margin they will win by, whether or not they can totally suppress The Performer and win like they did in the first episode.”

Han Zhuoli was not as lacking in confidence as Lu Man. When it came to Lu Man, he had even more confidence than she had in herself.

“You will definitely win by a big margin.” When Han Zhuoli said that, he had already taken the remote control and switched off the television.

Lu Man was distracted by trying to estimate the results and did not notice.

Han Zhuoli threw the remote control down and suddenly lifted Lu Man up. He lifted her up such that she lay in his embrace horizontally.

Lu Man was shocked and even yelled out. Her two arms tightly wrapped around Han Zhuoli’s neck while her whole person was tightly hugged by Han Zhuoli.

“What are you scared about? I’m holding you.” Full of power, Han Zhuoli hugged her and even shifted her a bit.

Because Lu Man was really too light, so light that he could not feel her weight at all.

Even while carrying her like that, he did not feel any stress at all.

Before then, Lu Man had not been mentally prepared, but now that she knew that she was being carried by Han Zhuoli, no matter what, Lu Man would not feel scared. She directly buried her face in his chest.

She then heard Han Zhuoli say, “Now that you’re done watching the show, will you sleep?”

Lu Man felt that the words he said were quite normal, but since they’d come from his mouth, was there some sort of other meaning?

As he spoke, his hot breath burned her ear. Without even looking, she knew that her ears and face were extremely red.

Even his burning lips, which were rubbing on her ear, made Lu Man shiver.

She was carried onto the bed. Han Zhuoli immediately kissed her on the lips. “When I saw your confidence in handling business just now, I wanted you there and then.”

Han Zhuoli could not refute the fact that he was a very prideful and vain man.

In the past, he never felt that he was like that.

Since birth, he’d had whatever he wanted and had no need to be envious of others.

He had what others lacked. Because he owned too much and had everything at his fingertips, he could not be bothered with bragging about it to others.

Because from birth, his understanding was that what he owned was ordinary. From birth, that was commonplace, and he did not realize that most of those things were what others could never have in their entire life.

To him, they were ordinary items, so what was there to brag about? Was there anything worthy of vanity?

When he became cognizant of the fact that not everyone had what he had, he was past the age of vanity.

As such, he was never vain.

But because of Lu Man, he suddenly had that thought. It was the first time in his life he had experienced such a feeling.

No one could handle this little girl who had the ability to irritate someone to the point that their teeth would itch. But in his arms, she would cry and beg while he was teasing her.

How could he not feel full of pride?

This deeply satisfied his pride and vanity as a man!

Was Lu Man someone who would easily admit defeat?




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